2020.11.20—Bitcoin review!


In a bull market, most of the losses come from counter-trend guessing and shorting

Bitcoin Weekly Chart

2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold.

Before you know it, the profit of this long-term long-term order is close to 9,000 US dollars!

Seeing such a result is both unexpected and reasonable!

Because when we judged that the market was “the end of the fish head market and the start of the fish body rise market” on April 29, 2020, we have already reached a conclusion: only long, not short!

So as long as it is a signal about a short position, we ignore them all. This has also led us to a lot of accusations (because when everyone is short, I insist on looking long and run counter to everyone), but independent thinking is destined to be a trip alone. , So don’t care too much about what others think, what is important is how you think!

Fortunately, we insist on independent thinking; even in the face of doubts from others, nothing has changed, so we have today’s results!

If I am trading, I am influenced by this person today, and listen to the judgment of that person tomorrow, then I might have been in the process of being long and short, and I have lost my judgment on the direction of the market and lost myself!

It is precisely because we insist on a tendon, are not afraid of stepping in the air, are not afraid of missing the market, and also voluntarily admitted that we can not catch all the market, so we gave up the short market and have the long market ownership!

Not only do transactions require this kind of spirit, but business in the real world also requires this kind of determination; if you choose to take a position in a certain industry, you need to achieve the ultimate in this position with the spirit of death. Regardless of any temptation in the middle, don’t give up the initial accumulation!

Because as long as you don’t change the track halfway, the final profit will be compound interest growth based on long-term accumulation!

Let’s see if we should continue to chase the longs now. After all, Bitcoin is rising like a rainbow. It seems that it is easy to break 19,000!

It is indeed possible to break $19,000, but we still want to have a rule to guide our specific transactions, rather than being led by feelings!

Let’s take a look at what kind of transactions we have done in history?

At position B, we once laid out a wave of midline, mainly because the downward trend line formed by the adjustment was broken, indicating that the adjustment is over and the rise has just started;

At position C, we have also laid out a wave of mid-line, mainly because the US$14,000 was closed in four hours;

Let’s take a look at the positions of positions A, B and C on the weekly chart. They are all at more critical points, so we have tried to do more near these three positions!

When we lay out, the market is generally in the ready to launch or just launched, or launched to the mid-term stage. In these stages, we carefully analyze and make plans to find places to enter the market;

When the market trend starts or when the market rises sharply, we are idle. Why?

Because our layout is at the time when the market is about to rise; in the stage of big rise and special rise, what we do is just holding positions!

But to be honest, Bitcoin’s rise from 15,000 US dollars to the present has indeed exceeded my expectations and also exceeded my cognition. Therefore, at this stage, I did not open new long orders and only held the long-term of 9,675. Long orders, and insist on not short!

Holding low and long-term orders is to expand profits and let profits run;

Not shorting means sticking to principles and observing discipline; rather, you would rather obey the rules and make a loss, never violate the rules and make a profit!

We have summed up in the previous article: In a bull market, most of the losses come from shorting against the trend. Even if all the short orders are replaced with long orders, it will be a big difference. ending!

I don’t know when this wave of rise will rise, and where it will rise; however, I should wait for a complicated adjustment for my next position with multiple orders; if the market gives us this adjustment, we will do it; no Give us this adjustment and we will not do it!


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