60,000 people panic in market panic! The bitcoin address that has been silent for 11 years is suddenly transferred out of 50 bitcoins


Recently, with the third halving of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin has been hovering all the way up to around $ 9800.

However, all this was broken by the sudden change on the night of May 20th.

On the evening of May 20th, an early miner transferred out bitcoin for the first time 11 years later, emptying the 50 bitcoins that had been mined. As we all know, Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and opened the genesis block. There are rumors that Satoshi Nakamoto had millions of Bitcoins through early mining. But since the end of 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto has faded out of the Bitcoin community.

Is Satoshi Nakamoto selling Bitcoin? The market sentiment was tense, and the bitcoin price plummeted nearly $ 400.

The bitcoin address that has been silent for 11 years is transferred out of 50 bitcoins


According to bitcoin browser BTC.com, at 20:54 on May 20th, Beijing time, a bitcoin address starting with 17Xi transferred 50 bitcoins it owned to two accounts starting with 1BzN and 3A6A.

This transfer is extraordinary. To know the source of the bitcoin obtained from the bitcoin address beginning with 17Xi, it must also be traced back to the mining income it obtained 11 years ago.

BTC.com shows that the last transaction time of this address was 2:55 on February 10, 2009, which has been more than 11 years since this transfer.

The genesis block of Bitcoin was born on January 3, 2009, that is to say, the bitcoin address starting from 17Xi transferred this time, the time to obtain bitcoin is more than a month after the genesis block was born. At that time, the mining reward was still 50 Bitcoins per block (currently reduced to 6.25), which is also the source of Bitcoins from this address.

As we all know, in the early days of Bitcoin, apart from the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and a handful of geeks, few people knew about it. There are rumors that Satoshi Nakamoto had millions of Bitcoins through early mining. But since the end of 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto has faded out of the Bitcoin community. This 11-year exchange of bitcoin addresses, is it Satoshi Nakamoto to sell bitcoin?

Bitcoin price plunged nearly 4% in one hour, 60,000 people burst

Although it is only an ordinary transaction. But after the news came out, the market panicked sharply, and the bitcoin price plummeted instantly.

According to data from the encrypted digital currency Bitstamp.net, around 23 o’clock on May 20, Beijing time, the bitcoin market plummeted instantly. From about US $ 9764, within one hour, the lowest price fell to US $ 9100, and finally closed at about US $ 9412. One hour plunge 358 US dollars, a drop of about 3.67%.

This sudden change in market conditions has hit the virtual currency contract investors more unexpectedly. According to the virtual currency data platform currency COIN data, then around 12 o’clock today, the amount of liquidation in the past 24 hours reached 543 million US dollars, about 3.85 billion yuan. Statistics show that in the last 24 hours, a total of 60,843 people have become victims of liquidation. The largest single burst order occurred at Bitmex-ETHM20 worth $ 47.78 million.

The data of the BOP list shows that the main time for the large BOPs occurred in the past 24 hours was around 23 o’clock yesterday.

Many experts: It should be the ancient gods rather than Satoshi Nakamoto

Is it really Satoshi Nakamoto coming back, want to sell bitcoin? Regarding the bitcoin address change at 11 o’clock, according to foreign cryptocurrency media bitcoinist.com, well-known bitcoin educator and programmer Jimmy Song believes that this suspicious transaction cannot be sent by Nakamoto himself.

Song’s argument boils down to a feature called “extra random number” in Bitcoin mining, which can be derived from blockchain information. According to the programmer, random numbers allow others to see how long a person’s Bitcoin software has been running. This means that if someone uses their machine to mine Bitcoin in a short period of time, the extra random number will have a lower value.

The bitcoin sent in the above suspicious transaction does not have an additional random number token hidden by Satoshi Nakamoto, which means that unless the Bitcoin creator is running another mining instance, it is highly unlikely that it was Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Other early Bitcoin players also expressed this view, and they asserted that it was not just Satoshi Nakamoto who was mining. Long-term cryptocurrency trader “Whale Panda” wrote: “Just a record: this is not a known Satoshi address or anything else. At that time, there were already multiple miners.”

Well-known domestic virtual currency investor, founding partner of Primitive Ventures, member of Coindesk Advisory Board, and Hardcore.fund executive director Wan Hui Dovey also said on Weibo, “Money on block height 3654 is not Satoshi Nakamoto”

Although it has been effectively confirmed that this is not a deal for Satoshi Nakamoto, it does not mean that everything is fine. “Even if it’s not Satoshi Nakamoto, it is still one of the earliest adopters of the system, which is as important as Satoshi Nakamoto’s ‘token’,” one commentator speculates. “This means that 11 years later, they decided to start transferring cash.” He said that although the mysterious transaction today is not that the creator of Bitcoin started selling one million coins, the anonymous early player may The resulting selling pressure may still drive down prices.

According to the non-small data of the cryptocurrency data website, as of 13:30 today, the price of Bitcoin has fallen by about 2.55% in the past 24 hours.

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