Accelerated rise after the holiday, the amount can be stranded, Bitcoin waiting for replenishment


After the acceleration of the post-holiday rise was met with obstacles, shrinking consolidation appeared; Bitcoin remained volatile near 11300, and the rising relay trend appeared; Ethereum’s chip activity was not good, and the rise was waiting for an opportunity.


As can be seen from the above figure, Bitcoin’s performance in the past two days has been relatively sluggish.

After Saturday’s relay rise hit the high of 11500, the follow-up was obviously weak.

The high level encountered resistance and fell to around 11300, and it fluctuated.

However, the retracement force is not strong, the Bollinger upper track support is barely functioning, and the short-term upward trend has not changed.

The long-term moving averages continue to line up, the short-term moving averages are rising strongly, and the Bollinger Bands are also continuing to expand unilaterally.

The technically upward signal is still obvious. The current shock may only be an up relay.

And according to relevant statistics, the third quarter just past has increased compared with the second quarter of the transactions on BitNet.

The market acceptance of digital currency trading methods is gradually improving, and the degree and scope of bit applications are also continuously deepening. , The fundamentals also have continued upward support.

Since there are signs of halting at the 11300 position, follow up to observe the signs of starting up, and pay attention to follow up and increase positions in time.


ETH also has a shrinking and consolidation situation.

The negative of this currency this time is mainly due to the bottleneck of DEFI.

This has also been mentioned many times.

Before a new explosion point is found, the post-DEFI era The negative impact brought about by the comparison price will continue.

It is difficult to replicate the strong rise of the previous wave of analogy.

It is not easy to resist the compensation caused by the market expected gap.

From the daily chart above, the price of Ethereum is obviously under pressure at the position of 380, and the upward space has not been opened up.

The fall has already appeared. Compared with the rise, the fall is more inclined, and the delivery contract Trading volume has declined and trading activity is not good; in terms of technical indicators, the short-term moving average is not as strong as the broader market.

The macd indicator maintains a weak upward trend, and the volume continues to shrink. There will be no strong upward trend in the short-term follow-up.


LINK’s rise against the trend today is very eye-catching.

The trading volume has not shrunk but increased, and the chip accumulation effect is also quite good.

At present, the price is under pressure on Bollinger’s upper trajectory.

It has been overcome at 10 o’clock and is trying to stabilize at 11 o’clock.

The upward trend of the 5-day moving average is continuing to rise.

The rise in prices is waiting to accelerate the upward trend. DEFI After digesting a considerable part of the bad news, this coin cannot be said to have the possibility of letting go.

If it can continue to rise, 12.5 will be a strong suppressing position.

If the volume is broken, the upside will be further opened. If it is not broken, it will be superimposed on the volatility of the market, and the volatile rise will be the main form. At present, the overall opportunity of the market is weak, so focus on grasping it in operation.


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