Answer 50 calls a day, BTC miner: Collect all kinds of second-hand mining machines, as much as you want!

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In the past two days, a part of the miners’ circle of friends is like this.

A: Collect all kinds of second-hand mining machines, as much as you want!

B: Antminer S9, looking for a load of 20,000, has been hedged, and will not stop for 5 months.

C: May futures (only a small amount left), hurry up if you want, the price will increase in two days.

D: Due to the needs of business development, I am now recruiting the following positions, mine operation and maintenance, management personnel…

E: I answer 50 calls a day, everyone calms down, and they are going crazy…Bitcoin has risen, and the market is up. The miners, miners and mine owners who have struggled through 2020 for a whole year can finally have a good year.

1. The daily output of Bitcoin is 210 million RMB, and S9 is also a profitable tool

At present, the daily output of Bitcoin mining is 900, and the transaction fee output is about 109.

Based on 32,000 US dollars, the daily output of mining is about 32.29 million US dollars, or about 210 million yuan. How crazy is this?

By comparing it with January 2020, it can be found that output has increased by about 5 times. According to data from the Biyin mining pool, more than 90 bitcoin mining machines have a daily income of more than 10 yuan, and 11 bitcoin mining machines have a daily income of more than 100 yuan.

Among them, Shenma Mining Machine M30S++, Antmining Machine S19 Pro, Shenma Mining Machine M30S+ are among the top three, with daily income of 149 yuan, 147 yuan and 130 yuan respectively.

The Antminer S9 was born in the last bull market and was completely eliminated by the market, but today, the daily output of this mining machine is 9.74 yuan, and the electricity bill accounts for 54%.

Previously, the second-hand price of S9 was only nearly 100 yuan.

Today, S9 has risen to about 600 yuan (the price will vary). In just a few months, S9 has become a profitable tool from scrap copper and iron.

To put it a little bit exaggerated, as long as it is a mining machine, the miners are thinking about letting it run.

When the mining machine runs, it means that the money printing machine starts up. Jiang Zhuoer posted on Weibo that he has nearly 100,000 S9s to be deployed and started. QKL123 data shows that on January 4, the average computing power of Bitcoin’s entire network was 142E, a record high, an increase of about 42% over the same period last year. According to forecasts, the difficulty of Bitcoin mining will increase by 5.51% in 4 days.

According to the “Mining Report 2020” from the Rhythm Research Institute, in October, China’s Bitcoin computing power suddenly jumped from about 53% of the global share to 72.21%. Practitioners speculated that this may have come from the rise in Bitcoin prices. “Stop the miner” to start again. It’s still a dry season at the moment.

After the rainy season in May, with the current currency price, more sleeping mining machines will wake up from the warehouse.

2. In a sudden bull market, Bitcoin mining machines cannot be bought even after rising prices

Old mining machines and old trees bloom, and new mining machines are hard to find. Chen Lei, the founder of BitBlue Whale, said: “I am nervous, there is nothing in stock, and the price is very high.” Zhu Wei, the co-founder of Inbit, also said: “Prices increase every day, and you can’t buy it.” Data shows that mainstream Bitcoin mining machine manufacturers Mining machines have been sold until July 2021. For example, the August futures of Bitmain’s mining machines have been sold out, and the price has increased very fast.

Taking the data from the official website of Caiyunbit as an example, the January futures price of the Antminer S19 Pro is 51,500 yuan.

The price of this mining machine on the official website of Ant Mining Machine is only 27,700 yuan.

Even at the price of 51,500, the return period is 350 days, which is much shorter than before. Of course, the shortage of mining machines is not only related to the surge in demand, but also the lack of output.

Lv Lei, the founder of Caiyunbit, introduced that after years of development, the technical threshold of the Bitcoin mining machine industry may not be as high as before, but the capital threshold is higher than before.

Mining machine manufacturers are helpless and cautious. Once large capital is invested in production, If the market is not good, it will be unsalable, and the risk is great.

Therefore, in 2020, the amount of machine placement of mining machinery manufacturers is obviously not much.

“The rising market has a feature for mining machines. The price of mining machines is on the market. When the market rises, the price of mining machines will change very quickly.” Lu Lei said. In fact, the whole year of 2020 is not so good for Bitcoin mining.

In September 2020, Bitcoin was only 10,000 US dollars, and the breakthrough of 20,000 US dollars was at the end of November. In other words, Bitcoin has only been a bullish one month. What’s interesting is that after June 2020, Ethereum miners are extremely happy, and Bitcoin miners have been suppressed in the rate of return and are depressed.

Although this month, the entire market broke out. However, the production side is far from keeping up, coupled with the impact of the epidemic and insufficient chip production capacity, the distribution capacity of mining machines can be said to be far behind market demand.

3. The retail miners are basically cleared out, and the “popular enthusiasm” in the mining market has declined

Recently, the biggest mining news is that Marathon Patent Group announced the completion of US$200 million in funding to pay for the mining machine’s tail and expand its business. Among them, 170 million U.S. dollars was used to purchase 70,000 Antminer S19s from Bitmain.

These miners will be deployed gradually from July to the end of 2021. In fact, through 2020, the institutionalization of bitcoin mining has been completed, retail investors have basically cleared out, and demand basically comes from large institutions to replenish. Some practitioners sigh that even in China, there are traditional enterprises entering the mining industry through various forms, but they do not publicize.

And without tens of millions of funds, you can no longer play the mining business.

What’s interesting is that in 2020, many miners shouted the slogan of new infrastructure, and even some mining farms tried to seek listing on the stock market.

This seems to be enough to show that Bitcoin mining in China has entered a new stage. Do ordinary investors still have a chance? Perhaps cloud computing power and joint mining are the last opportunities. In the second half of 2020, the founders of mainstream mining machine manufacturers have almost all faded out of public view.

The mining industry no longer has top opinion leaders. With the gradual withdrawal of retail investors, the voice of mining in the entire cryptocurrency industry has become weaker and weaker. People have an illusion that Bitcoin mining has gone “cryptocurrency”. If you are a non-mining practitioner, are you still paying attention to the development of mining?


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