Bitcoin appeared in the US drama “Billion” to reproduce the “stroke black” physique

The fifth season of the American drama “Billions” (Billions) began on May 3rd. In the play, a new round of “political and commercial struggle” on Wall Street in the United States begins with the seizure of a Bitcoin mine. Coincidentally, the delivery time is just before the halving of Bitcoin network output.

In recent years, bitcoin has appeared more and more in movies and TV shows with a wide audience. Not only “Billions”, but also the bitcoin elements in the plots of the American TV series “Silicon Valley” and “Startup”, “The Big Bang Theory” even has an episode dedicated to the hilarious stories of several protagonists looking for early mining hard drives. In the domestic drama “Era of Entrepreneurship”, there is also a section of “hiring murder” with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has attracted public attention because of its wealth effect, and the bitcoin element in the film and television drama has undoubtedly increased its popularity. According to rumors, Xu Mingxing, the founder of the digital asset trading platform OKCoin, knew bitcoin because he watched the American drama “Awesome Wife” and later started a business with it.

The popularity of Bitcoin continues to rise, but in the more than 12 years since it was born and developed, it still cannot get rid of the negative impressions such as the criminal risk brought by the anonymous trading feature and the waste of resources due to mining fees and electricity. Coins are also often associated with these characteristics, which determine its “stroke” physique.

“Billion” plot implanted in bitcoin discussion

The new season of the American drama “Billions” started soon. The male lead “Federal Prosecutor” Chuck shut down a bitcoin mine with his subordinates, and the mine and another male lead, “Wall Street hedge fund giant AEX “The head of Axelrod is related, and the plot of a new round of fighting between the two countries’ political and legal circles and the business circles will also be launched.

In the fifth season of “Billions”, two episodes were broadcast, and the domestic score soared to more than 9 points. When the plot was broadcast until the mine was shut down, there was also a popular comment that “This is mining Bitcoin”.

A fan who knows the bitcoin mining market is worried for billionaire protagonist Axrode: AEX ’s mine is afraid to “cry in the toilet”. The movie fan listed the mining machine price, rated computing power, electricity price and other mining parameters in the plot on the movie review website and evaluated it after comparing with the real world situation. , AEX lost only 4.8 million in electricity bills a month. ”


His worries may be a little redundant, because the mine’s electricity system in the play is “theft”. As Chuck said to the two mine operators who were arrested, “You steal electricity to mine and cause electricity consumption in New York to rise. The government has to pay tens of millions of dollars to buy electricity, which requires taxpayers to pay.”

The later dialogues between the two sides also present a kind of old-fashioned talk about Bitcoin supporters and opposition parties in reality:

Chuck: You used so many computers and servers to solve some abstract mathematical equations. What did you find? Bitcoin? Now worth millions, what support?

O & M: Since we gave up the gold standard, what support has the US dollar made?

Even now, Bitcoin has been born for 12 years, and this rivalry still exists in the discourse system that discusses the value of Bitcoin. Interestingly, the new season of “Billions” began when a bitcoin mine was shut down, just in time to catch up with the bitcoin network production halving, a popular topic in the currency circle. .

Bitcoin’s total “stroke” in movies and TV series

It is not unexpected that “Billions” refers to Bitcoin. After all, this is an American drama that describes New York’s political and economic fields around money, and which billionaire will not pay attention to the wealth-making myth of Bitcoin? After all, even the CEO of JPMorgan Chase who dismissed Bitcoin “worse than the tulip bubble” in the early days failed to stop his company from providing banking services for the Bitcoin trading platform recently.

The American drama that bitcoin entered earlier was the third season of “Awesome Wife” aired in 2011. According to rumors, Xu Xing learned bitcoin after watching this American drama. Two years later, he founded OKCoin.

It is true that every bitcoin’s sharp rise and fall in recent years will make it appear in popular topics on social media. The wealth effect of related prices is always a prominent factor that attracts the attention of the general public. Second, it appears in the news Zhongshi is always related to the illegal transactions of the dark web and the way in which electricity is wasted. Not long ago, in the case of the exploitation of women in Room N of South Korea, the illegal income of the suspects was also Bitcoin.

Therefore, when Bitcoin appeared more and more frequently in film and television dramas, wealth and crime became its inescapable plot.

In the thriller suspense movie “Remove Friend 2: The Dark Web” released in 2018, the protagonist was caught in a horrible massacre because he picked up a computer that stored $ 10 million worth of bitcoins; In the “Time” also appeared the use of bitcoin “hire murder” bridge.


Of course, there are also some comedy topics that involve Bitcoin. In the American drama “Big Bang”, there is an episode dedicated to the protagonists looking for computers that dug out a lot of bitcoins in the early days. As a result, they have no chance to become billionaires. At the time of this episode, the market price of bitcoin was about $ 5,000; on November 30, 2017, when the episode was aired, the currency price almost doubled to $ 9,500.

In film and television dramas describing technology entrepreneurship stories, such as “Silicon Valley”, “Startup Company”, and the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more relevant.

It may be difficult for Bitcoin to break away from the “strike black” physique. Its encryption properties and output methods are different from the real world people’s understanding of the financial system and the virtual world. Fortunately, with the continuous expansion of Bitcoin’s popularity, the blockchain concepts and technologies condensed on it are entering the public life with the attention of the national level. This is perhaps one of the most meaningful contributions that Bitcoin has brought to the current era.


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