Bitcoin breaks through 12000, still has to prompt risk


Bitcoin continues to rise and 12,000 is conquered. Don’t be too excited. The higher the price, the greater the risk of entering the position. Moreover, the repeatability of the upward movement makes the rhythm more difficult to grasp, especially for contracts.

The Bitcoin market continued to rise, and the 12000 point was broken; after the shock adjustment between 11700 and 11800 yesterday, a strong impact was launched at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The 11800 point was stabilized and the 12000 point was challenged, although there was a little bit later.

After falling back, the card position consolidated at 11900 in the early morning for a few hours, but in the morning there was another upsurge.

The 12000 suppression position was conquered, and the highest was above 12200. The waves of various forces were fierce, and the upward momentum became more and more powerful.

The upward trend of Bitcoin is obvious, but the potential instability, and the repetitiveness of the upward and pullback also need to be noticed. The three large increases this week were all launched around 8 pm.

Evening is the peak period of market changes.

Friends who have the opportunity to operate, can pay attention to the time. Yesterday’s risk reminder of chasing highs needs to be emphasized today.

It may seem unnecessary to remind risks in the continuous rise, but it is not. Especially in terms of contract operations, the resistance of the spot to repeated callback washing during the rise is stronger than that of the contract.

The upward trend remains unchanged, and there is no significant abnormal drop.

Basically, it can continue to hold positions, but the contract is not. Under the condition of clear upward trend , The interspersed callback makes it difficult for investors to seize the opportunity.

The contract market yesterday went from above 11800 to 11700 and then to 11900. It is difficult to grasp the rhythm.

A little carelessness will lose income or even return the opportunity. And on the spot, the higher the price, the greater the risk.

The operation needs to be more cautious, and in the short term, it is still necessary to be alert to the fall after the consecutive rise.

Ethereum’s weak performance continued. Yesterday, it reversed the trend of the broader market.

It pulled back sharply in the afternoon and stepped back on the support of Bollinger Middle Orbit.

After getting support near 365, it began to rebound upward and recover the decline in early trading today.

There is no large supply in the trading volume below.

The rebound this time is temporarily hovering between 370-380, and the space has not yet been opened.

Judging from the performance of the past two weeks, the range of K-line activity is controlled between 350 and 400. 380 is a key position.

Many parties have been trying to overcome this week and have not yet succeeded.

In terms of Ethereum relative to the broader market, whether it is spot or contract, the short-term rebound is very weak, and the enthusiasm of chip participation has not been mobilized.

However, the popularity of DEFI has recently recovered, which is good news for Ethereum. Once the market demand increases, the driving force for upward prices will increase. It’s a good time to increase positions at this stage


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