Bitcoin continues to break new highs, repeating the compound interest market in history!


It is that in the face of deep internal strength, too many skills have become a disadvantage!

[Review of yesterday’s market]

Bitcoin Sky Chart

2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold.

Recently, many friends are asking: Are the 9675 long orders still held?

As long as the friends who have been following our articles should be more aware of the ins and outs of this multi-order; if you look carefully and pay more attention to it, then you can start from the multi-order plan to the moment before the layout, and then enter Market, then holding positions, and again facing the test of the so-called “bear market reversal”, and finally the trend starts!

The whole process is very long, most of the time the trend is boring waiting, only a very small time to get out of the explosive market!

From the process and results before and after this, we can summarize the difference between the author and ordinary investors: the author pays more attention to the process, so I use a thousand words and a thousand words to summarize and explore the germination, start and end of each transaction over and over again. ; Start with the overall situation, and then refine it to the slightest!

This kind of tirade, seemingly clumsy behavior, is precisely to lay a solid foundation for trading! We don’t pursue fancy, so when we fight against others, this kind of process and ending often happens: when someone picks up a sword, when it comes over, it flips and flies again, white clothes flying, long hair fluttering. Gone seems to have a lot of skills; but when he really attacked us, we just sat loose; when the two sides touched, the other side’s sword broke, vomiting blood, and fell to the ground in a coma. Nothing happened to us.

What’s the reason?

It is that in the face of deep internal strength, too many skills have become a disadvantage!

In the financial market, the most important thing is to figure out your position and understand what kind of market you should do. If you figure out this, then you will know what kind of market you will not do, and what kind of skills you should put an end to!

The 9675 long position of 2020.7.26 is based on the repeated summary of the 7945 long position of 2020.4.29;

The long position of 11448 on October 19, 2020 is based on the repeated summary of the long position of 9675 on July 26, 2020!

The market is so simple and clear!

History repeats itself and repeats itself many times; the past repeats itself, the current repeats itself, and the future will repeat itself!

If you figure out the essence, then you will not be easily confused by changing phenomena!

At that time, there was no authority, no qualifications, only your own true opinions! Even if you are a novice, your independent opinions are more precious than authoritative opinions!

In this market, we must dare to think independently and stick to our own objective judgments!

Because of your independent thinking, worth millions of dollars!

[Market outlook analysis]

Bitcoin Weekly Chart


Although there are many tools in the weekly chart that sooner or later indicate the bullish direction of the market outlook, the most conspicuous one is at the moment of the moving average golden cross, which further indicates that a new wave of weekly chart-level rise is about to begin!

After the moving average Jin Cha, break the downward trend line; this action is like a bright card!

But even if it is a bright long market, many investors still stand on the bear market.

What’s the reason?

The heart is too complicated, so the market has become complicated! So even if the answer is right in front of my eyes, I am blinded by the complicated heart!

A cup of turbid muddy water will slowly become clear if it is left untouched; this is because the water’s heart is quiet! If the heart of the water has been boiling, then the glass of water will always be in a turbid state!

Therefore, when you do a transaction, you must be calm; if your mind is not calm, the market will be in a muddy state; if your mind is calm, the market will gradually become clear!

Bitcoin Sky Chart

From a historical perspective, we can easily determine that the market is backtesting the purple horizontal support and the 15EMA moving average in the past few days from 2020.10.13 to 2020.10.17!

But when you are in the historical environment at that time, the actual trend may have tens of thousands of possibilities; if you do not “break, leave, and leave”, then you will worry about what to do if you go like this, what if you go like that. do!

We must “break, give up, and divorce” the market until only one possibility remains, and then patiently wait for that possibility to happen!

There is only one possibility, then your heart will naturally calm down!

Bitcoin four hours


Four hours after the adjustment to the end of the triangle, there is no way to go, we must choose the direction, so we picked the most likely direction: long!

Next, the market trend happens to be exactly the same as our plan, moving upward!

Immediately afterwards, when most investors doubted whether this wave of upswing could continue and whether it would turn down, Bitcoin took a wave of compound interest ups!

This situation also occurred in early May 2019, when Bitcoin broke $6,000; when everyone was worried that this would be a top divergence and a possible plunge, Bitcoin went up with a wave of compound interest!

This is how history repeats itself, the past repeats itself, it repeats itself now, and it will repeat itself in the future!

Let us summarize the present, make the most detailed record, and leave it for future reference!



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