Bitcoin is rising strongly, how should we treat it?


The short-term market is in a state of high and strong shocks and upwards. Then rest, wait and see, and wait for possible adjustments!

Bitcoin Sky Chart

2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold.

Unknowingly, the profit of this long-term long-term order has exceeded 7,000 US dollars.

When I was positioning this long order as a long-term one, I expected that this long order should have a relatively large profit, but I still did not expect that the profit would be so large and the speed would be so fast!

Through this long-term multi-order, we can sum up the experience: in the initial stage of the long-term multi-order, the profit margin is smaller and the start-up is slower; the later, the greater the profit margin, the faster the profit rate!

This is another application of compound interest!

And if a long-term list is successfully tried, the list itself will help you catch the more difficult market!

For example, after USD 15,000, I have no plan to open a new mid-line long order; for the new mid-line order, I have not caught the mid-line long order of 15,000 to 17,000; but the long-term long-term long order A is It caught me automatically.

Moreover, no effort is required at all!

It’s a bit like cultivating a career. In the initial stage, you pay a lot, with little or even negative benefits; waiting for the career to reach the mid-stage, but the workload becomes smaller and easier, but the benefits increase; Waiting for your career to reach the later stage, you don’t even need to work deliberately, you can generate huge profits every month!

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Bitcoin Weekly Chart

This wave of rise in the weekly chart is supported by the standard 15EMA moving average at A, B, and C, and has now rushed to a position far away from the 15EMA “high altitude”!

If we want to continue to lay out a new midline long position, then the current position is definitely not what we are looking for!

It has risen to such a high level, and it is indeed possible to continue to rise, and even reach a height that everyone can not imagine; but I prefer to be extinguished again in the long position of Bitcoin, so that retail investors think that the long position has turned into a short position, and even a bear market has appeared. When it comes to looking for a new long signal!

When everyone rushed to the bulls, it was precisely when I was resting; when everyone was disappointed in this market, it was precisely when I was preparing to make arrangements!

Obviously, this is our resting area!

Let others make money for the next longs!

Bitcoin Sky Chart

In the rising wave at the end of July, Bitcoin used “adjustment zone 1” to accumulate power;

In the same way, if Bitcoin is going to rise sharply in the future, then an “adjustment area 2” is a relatively normal behavior!

At this time, a classic question arises again: Do you want to go short in “adjustment area 2”?

Friends who are familiar with our trading system should be more clear: we only do long positions with the trend, and short positions without adjustment.

Since 2020.4.29, we have not had a short-term plan for a day, nor have we ever made a short-term one; all our orders are all directed toward long positions!

When the short position fell, we took the initiative to give up the short profit of the callback; so when the long position rose, we should have caught wave after wave of long profit; overall, the profit of the long position is greater than the profit of the short position. Much!

We did this in the past, we still do it now, and we will still do it in the future!

If we wait for the callback, then we will layout according to plan; if we can’t wait for the callback, what does it matter?

The market will not stop, and there will always be a market that is exactly the same as your plan. For example, the mid-line long position at 7945 on April 29, 2020, the long-term long position at 9675 on July 26, 2020, and the mid-line long position at 11448 on October 19, 2020. More orders!

As long as you are willing to wait for the new trend to gestate and sprout, you will naturally have the opportunity to catch the new trend’s initiation and outbreak!

What we have to do now is to wait for a new trend to form, instead of chasing or guessing a top in the later stages of the current wave of trends!

Bitcoin four hours

In the course of this wave of rising, three waves of market appeared!

The first wave of quotes is the simplest.

Because this is the plan we wrote in the article a few days in advance, and the actual trend is exactly the same as the plan in the article!

The second wave of quotations is a bit more difficult, but friends who are familiar with our trading system should also be able to grasp it.

The third wave of quotes is the most complicated.

Because it basically rises in shock, and it is in the late stage of the trend!

Therefore, it is clear at a glance which market we should and should not do!

Recognizing the stage and rank of the market, you will be able to face it calmly; the market that belongs to you, no one can stop you from getting into your hands; the market that doesn’t belong to you, no one can help you meet the slightest!


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