Bitcoin is volatile and upward, how to treat it?


Bitcoin’s overall bullish pattern is complete, and it has rushed to 19,000 US dollars in the short term; if there is a complicated adjustment in this position, we will pay attention; if there is no complicated adjustment, we will keep resting!

Bitcoin Sky Chart

2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold.

The profit of this long-term multi-order A has been brought to more than 9,000 US dollars by this wave of bull market, which I did not expect at the beginning.

Starting from the lowest point of this wave of bull market at 3800 and reaching around US$7000, we did not foresee that this was a bottom; but starting at US$7,945, we began to formally change our bear market thinking to a long mindset. It is also from this moment that we All the attention was put on the bulls, and no energy was allocated to the bears!

However, not all of our long orders are profitable. We have also encountered continuous stop-loss exits in the complex volatility range; but once the trend starts, we also caught the mid-line long and long-term long orders in time!

All orders positioned as mid-line long orders have already taken profit and left the market at different positions; now only the long-term long orders of 9675 are still in hand!

This list is also really powerful. It not only made up for the previous losses in the complex shock range, but also generated huge excess profits!

In normal times, there will certainly not be such a huge profit list; this time it is mainly because of the bull market of Bitcoin!

If interested readers read our articles one by one, they will understand the difficulty of holding multiple positions!

There will be many investors who do long below 9675, as well as those who read the author’s article and also do long near 9675, but there should not be many investors who can hold positions until now!

This is because we concentrate on one species and one direction on one species; this is like focusing on one point, if you don’t break it, you won’t break it!

If your mind is too distracted, you can’t put too much energy on a certain breed, and you can’t make this breed thorough, and if you don’t conduct in-depth research, you won’t be able to hold a position with strong belief!

Through this long-term long-term long-term position holding experience of A, we can also summarize one point: if you want to make a long-term position on a certain variety, then you must spend a lot of energy to study this variety thoroughly. The more detailed and deeper, the more detailed, the deeper you can hold the position firmly!

If you don’t spend time and energy on research, it’s clearly a bull market that is rising. Today this institution predicts that Bitcoin will be worthless. Tomorrow another important person is short on Bitcoin. The day after tomorrow, a famous exchange runs away. The day after tomorrow, hackers steal a lot of coins and prepare to sell. After realizing, every news will have a huge impact on your holdings. What basis do you use to counter the influence of these institutions and important figures?

[Market outlook analysis]

Bitcoin Weekly Chart


At the beginning of this wave of bull market rise, we have too many positions in positions 2, 2, and 4, but only position 2 is positioned as a long-term line, and the others are positioned as a mid-line list!

You can find that these places have several things in common:

1. Key position;

Second, the technical indicators of the weekly chart support.

Positions 2 and 3 are 15EMA moving average support, position 4 is the pressure of 14,000 US dollars, the position was closed.

Now Bitcoin’s weekly chart has almost soared to around 19,000 US dollars in a straight line. As for whether the market outlook can continue to rise above 20,000 US dollars, continue to soar to 30,000 US dollars; I maintain a wait-and-see attitude!

But if Bitcoin can make a mid-term rest near here, we will focus on the bulls breaking up to $20,000!

Bitcoin Sky Chart

From the sky map, it will be more vivid.

For example, area A is complicated adjustment, and then area B is complicated adjustment. If another area C is complicated adjustment, then it is normal market!

Bitcoin four hours


For four hours, it is currently moving upwards at a high level. There is a long signal, but the space is limited and the sustainability is not strong!

Unless you have long-term long orders at a low position, it is really not easy to enter the market at this position; it is not to do it, and it is not to do it!

If you are not afraid to miss the market, you can wait patiently for the adjustment and then make a deal with sufficient confidence!


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