BTC volatility expands and market instability increases

The market reverberation continues, the amplitude of Bitcoin deepens, and the space for volatility expands. Pay attention to the guard of 11500; Ethereum is stuck in the reduction of market demand, and the trend is weak; HT falls out of opportunity

Bitcoin’s short-term skyrocketing activity reappeared. It fell to around 11250 yesterday, and then slowly moved up.

The highest hit 11,620 points in the early morning, and then quickly fell back, falling below 11,500 points, and there was a sharp drop in early trading, the lowest reaching 11188 points, a record This week’s new low; on the 4 o’clock chart, the support of Bollinger’s lower trajectory has broken.

At the same time, the volume can increase sharply, and the bargaining chip to enter the market appears. The price was slowly pushed upwards to above 11,300, temporarily long and short remained calm, and the upward and downward intentions were not obvious.

There are many tempting voices in the market regarding the current trend, but it is not true, because from the overall trend, the current price is still at the high level of this year’s market, and immediately after stepping on the 10-day moving average, there is an upward trend.

Rebound, multi-party sentiment will not allow a deep dive, and we can continue to hold the bargaining chip. Over the two days of the weekend, you can observe the situation of the 11400 and 11500 guards above.

At the daily level of Ethereum, a downward trend has formed. The post-holiday gains are slowly being eaten back.

From the highest impact of 400 to the fall of 380, it retreats to around 370, and the fall continues to refresh low.

The power of the short side is gradually strengthening.

On the one hand, because the market has cooled down after DEFI There is no new hot spot, and the market demand for ETH has decreased. Second, ETH cannot be affected by multiple uncertainties such as the current encryption market and even the entire global economic recovery, regional conflicts, trade barriers, and the second outbreak of the new crown. Take care of yourself.

From the daily chart, the Bollinger Bands expansion trend is converging, the K line is gradually falling, the support of the 10-day moving average appears weak, the intraday trading volume is still in a state of shrinking, the macd indicator has a slow upward trend, and the red column has a decreasing performance.

The trend of Ethereum will not be sharp anymore. If there is a further fall, the 365-point support situation can be observed.

HT plummeted through the needle and plummeted nearly 0.4 points. On the daily line, it can be seen that the direct support of the lower trajectory of Bollinger can be seen.

It plummeted to 4.28 points, setting a new low in the past two months.

Fang has maintained absolute dominance, and there should be no strong actions in the multi-directional push up and recovery.

From the above picture, the price has been pushed up to near 4.45, and the apparent sudden increase in trading volume has thrown out some floating chips. From the overall situation of the market, there is no continuous falling support. The general environment reveals Instability, rather than a panic plunge, this time taking advantage of the plunge to enter the market, there is still a money-making effect.


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