Feelings before the Filecoin mainnet launch

The Filecoin mainnet is online. How can I better prevent risks and gain profits?
In the article at the end of last year, I wrote about the three biggest hot spots in the cryptocurrency circle in 2020, one of which is the Filecoin mainnet launch. This project can be said to be a star giant project in the entire blockchain public chain field in terms of attention, application scenarios, team, etc. It has attracted attention since the beginning of the project, and it is often occupied during the development process. In the headlines of the media, when its main network goes live has always been the focus of attention both inside and outside the industry.

However, due to delays in project development, governance mechanisms and other issues, the project agreement laboratory had to repeatedly postpone the mainnet launch date, which also led to the industry’s nickname “Ace Pigeon Project”.

But in the end, with the hard work of the project team and big miners, the project party finally officially announced not long ago that the project mainnet will be officially launched in the 148888th block, which is about October 15th Beijing time.

The landing of the project has officially kicked off, and it can be described as “beginning with endless calls.”

I have been following the development of this project very closely for a long time. I wrote some introductions about the Filecoin project at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. In general, my expectations for this project are still very high, but some problems in the development of the project have not been solved well. This has always been the biggest worry in my heart for this project.

One of the biggest of these problems is that projects are increasingly showing a tendency to centralize. Typically, there is no way to guide miners to store valid data in a completely decentralized way in the consensus mechanism.

In this regard, the project party finally had to adopt a compromise method, allowing big miners to purchase hard disks with pre-stored “value” data, and guiding miners to store and share valuable data as much as possible.

This approach has caused a lot of criticism in the industry.

At the same time, there are other similar problems. The project team has tried their best to solve these problems, but I am afraid that there is no better solution at the moment, so they have adopted similar compromise solutions in the future. This caused many people in the industry to gradually question the project.

But if we look at it from a broader perspective, the significance and value of the project is still beyond doubt.

In the current blockchain public chain field, decentralized storage should be the subdivision field closest to practical scenarios. We can even say that this is the only public chain field that is so closely integrated with practical scenarios. It is closely related to companies, individuals, and daily work and life.

No matter how high the value of Bitcoin is, it seems that it has nothing to do with our lives; no matter how developed the ecology of Ethereum is, it seems to be just an illusion in another parallel world. Even if they have a visible impact on our lives, they may not be the present; Once centralized storage is developed, it will immediately penetrate into our daily lives and have a disruptive impact on our lives.

Among the many decentralized storage projects, Filecoin is undoubtedly the most powerful, widely participated, and most promising project at the moment. We can even say that it has assembled the current elites in the storage field and is trying to use the blockchain solution to make a fundamental change in the storage field.

If such a project fails in the end, it means that the entire industry currently has no viable solutions in this field. It is a failure of the industry and a limitation of the times.

Although the project has various problems, I still have a certain degree of confidence in the future of the project, and hope that the project can solve these problems smoothly after the mainnet is launched.

The attention of this project is so high that not only major miners but also thousands of retail investors are participating in this project. For retail investors, we still have to look at this project from a more practical perspective: that is how we can operate to better prevent risks and obtain returns.

From this perspective, we must pay particular attention to the risks of the project. As of the time of writing, Filecoin’s futures price is $34, which is a good price. I believe that the currency price will likely continue to rise in the short term after the mainnet launch. I suggest investors who have participated in the purchase of reliable mining machines and cloud computing power, after getting their own coins on the mainnet, they should first sell some of their coins and get their principal back. The remaining coins are sold or kept Goodbye machine acting.


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