Filecoin mainnet was launched shockingly, Juan Technology strategically acquired Canton Intelligent Technology


In mid-October 2020, after three months of negotiation and communication, Juan Technology Co., Ltd. formally acquired Shenzhen Canton Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. strategically.

HU-AN Tech is a technology company dedicated to digital technology and hardware research and development.

At present, its products include distributed storage equipment, high-performance computing equipment, intelligent storage systems, integrated mining farms, global mining farm computing power service platforms, and distributed network technology development, etc., mainly used in blockchain, distributed storage and artificial intelligence And other fields. After the merger, the official will launch three series of products, including high-performance hardware products, including Filecoin and Conflux supercomputing equipment, etc.; intelligent software including Engineos management system, Conflux mining pool system; computing power leasing platform Mine Baba includes BTC, ETH, EpiK , IPSE2.0, Filecoin, Conflux and other high-quality project computing power leasing services. At the same time, Zhang Yunxin, CEO of Cantone Technology, was appointed as President of Juan Technology Greater China, and COO Zhao Mei as Director of Operations in Greater China.

This time coincides with the launch of Filecoin’s mainnet.

Previously, Canton Intelligence has developed two series of mining machines—engine series and supercomputing series.

The supercomputing series of mining machines include three types of mining machines, namely Qian, Kun, and Kan, all equipped with high Performance AMD CPUs provide professional services for Filecoin mining according to different application scenarios.

According to the official disclosure of Juan Technology, the latest mining machine products and computing power products will be released next.

Three mining machines are coming soon

As the first product of Juan Technology Co., Ltd. after its major strategic merger and acquisition, the mining machine launched by Juan Technology will realize three mining with one machine, including three mining projects including Conflux, EpiK and IPSE2.0. Both the Conflux and EpiK mainnets will be launched soon, and are currently in the final preparation stage for the testnet.

Conflux is a team project from the main creative team of the Tsinghua University Computer Science Experimental Class known as the “Yao Class”. It received 35 million US dollars in financing in the first round in 2018. Whether it is from the team’s technical background or market capital preference, Conflux has An advantage that domestic public chain projects are difficult to match.

EpiK Protocol, the Chinese name inscription protocol, is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph, through decentralized storage technology (IPFS), decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and token economy model (Token Economy), organize It also encourages members of the global community to organize knowledge in various fields of humankind into a knowledge graph, jointly build, share and continuously update this eternal human knowledge base, thereby extending the vision of artificial intelligence (AI) to a smarter future.

According to EpiK official information, the EpiK mainnet will be launched in November.

IPSE2.0 is a new generation of distributed storage and intelligent search ecology based on Polkadot’s cross-chain technology, creating an open value network for users and realizing a leap-forward increase in ecological value. According to official sources, IPSE 2.0 will be launched soon. Through the improvement of incentive mechanism and other improvements, milestone innovations in open distributed storage and intelligent search will be realized. From the 1.0 stage of IPSE, the focus is on the search engine based on IPFS storage, and the ecological products in the 2.0 stage will directly realize functions such as on-chain governance, token exchange, etc.

Parachains and minimalist clients facilitate new users to join and increase penetration. The yoke PoC realizes the relative equality of miners.

In addition to the three mining machines, Juan Technology has also continuously optimized the Conflux algorithm to create a professional mining machine for Conflux, while providing Conflux mining machine hosting services, and developing a Conflux mining pool with efficient block explosions across the network.

It can be described as a strong attack with comprehensive services.

On the whole, Conflux has a high reputation in the domestic blockchain public chain field, while EpiK and IPSE2.0 are closely related to the current hot distributed storage, and the three are deeply concerned by the market.

The three mining machines and Conflux professional mining machines to be released by Juan Technology this time will continue to choose cost-effective hardware configurations for everyone, cooperate with high-quality mining projects, and provide comprehensive after-sales services.

Conflux hashrate on sale soon

With the launch of the Conflux mainnet soon, the global cloud computing platform Minbaba under Juan Technology will soon launch Conflux computing products.

As a comprehensive computing platform for the world, Minebaba is mainly researched and developed for investment users in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

It integrates various high-quality computing products including engine three-mining computing power, and has a wide range of high-quality projects in the industry. In-depth strategic cooperation; providing multi-mining power packages supported by physical mining machines and a full range of professional operation and maintenance, with open, professional, and transparent real mining service capabilities.

Through one-stop professional management, mining tyrants gather affordable and stable mining resources, and provide safe and compliant mining investment channels to help various investors participate in mining production; docking with third-party high-quality mining projects, providing From mining to full life cycle mining services for digital assets.

Minebaba’s current main products are EpiK installment computing power and engine Filecoin three mining package computing power, of which the engine Filecoin three mining package computing power includes digital asset computing power such as FIL, BTC and POST.

In fact, the mining bully platform includes BTC, ETH, EpiK, IPSE2.0, Filecoin, Conflux and other high-quality project computing power leasing services, and has formed a powerful comprehensive computing power service platform.

Download QR code of Mineba Ba APP

For the upcoming Conflux project on the mainnet, based on in-depth investigation and strong confidence in the market, Juan Technology will launch Conflux computing power products on the Minerba APP client in the near future. Miners are welcome to come to Minerba to participate in Conflux mining. ,stay tuned!


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