How to play Versailles gracefully in the currency circle?

Actually, speculation doesn’t make money…
​Recently, “Versailles Literature” became popular.

What is “Versailles Literature”? The simple understanding is: Versailles literature, a hot word on the Internet, refers to inadvertently revealing “clues to the life of aristocracy” through the first-in-class, self-answering, or third-person perspective.

Speaking of Versailles literature, our currency circle must do our part, don’t believe it? Let me give you an example.

“My Bitcoin empty bill lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These hundreds of thousands may be people’s lifetime income, and I just finished it all at once.

But the problem is not big. I bought more than 10 million Litecoins and made several million. So the black fans are going to have porridge again. “

Did the essence get?

How should people in the currency circle play Versailles gracefully?

Come, go up~

currency circle

01 just made some money

Friends came to ask me, the currency price has risen sharply recently, surely I have made a lot of money? As a veteran coin hoarding party, I also have a hard time saying that I have hoarded hundreds of bitcoins from “312” to now, but in fact it has increased by 5 times, and I made a little bit. Now there is really not much cash in hand.

02 My sense of disk is born

I started shouting a lot since 10,000, but unfortunately no one believed it. Now it’s alright. My income has exceeded 10,000%. Many people have come to ask me why I’m so good. In fact, I really don’t have any trading secrets. It was born, and I also want to experience failure. I can understand Buffett’s mood now.

03 You only see my glory

Before defi became popular, I started to lay out and dig a lot of things. I stared at the disk every day until I was dizzy. Although I sold all of them at the highest point and made millions, you only saw my glory But I didn’t see me staring at the disk endlessly. The body is the capital of the revolution, and I earn and cherish it.

04 It’s better to get a good night’s sleep

Last night, I stayed up until two o’clock in an unprecedented way. My God, I made a big pie with two hours of hard work. I can’t make it any longer at my age. I was thinking about the market. Yes, hey, endless remorse, it’s better to get a good night’s sleep to earn this little money.

05 Stop giving me gifts

Every holiday is very annoying. Almost every exchange and every customer who cooperates will give me gifts. This double festival, OK, Huobi, and Binance gave me gifts. My desk is so small. , The pile is everywhere, the boss also asked me if I want to go out to set up a stall? I know that customers value me more, but don’t give me gifts anymore.

06 Coin speculation is just a hobby

3.5. I bought hundreds of thousands of ht today. It has risen to 3.7. I even forgot to sell it. Blame me for being too busy. Now it has fallen to 3.6. But in fact, I only made more than 300,000 less. Fortunately. After all, coin frying is just a hobby. The 8 buildings in my family are the most annoying for me. Every time I have a problem, the butler will find me directly. Last time he even told me that the egg has a shell. He was fired, how can he talk nonsense? Didn’t the eggs you gave me all have no shells?

The above stories are purely coincidental. If there are any similarities, please introduce me to me~


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