Is UNI still valuable?


Now UNI is 2.6 US dollars, and its total issuance market value is only 2.6 billion US dollars. This price is obviously underestimated.

At present, the big market as a whole is still dropping. Except for Bitcoin and Ethereum which are still barely holding the support level, DeFi tokens can hardly see signs of stopping the decline at a glance.

YFI, regarded as the leading project in this round of DeFi, has fallen below $20,000. At the time of writing, the price of YFI was US$16,000, which is 60% from the highest peak of US$41,000. It can be seen that the decline of the leaders in the entire field is so amazing, and the tokens in other sub-fields are even more difficult to escape. Uniswap is the leader in the field of decentralized exchanges.

Uniswap’s token UNI, as of the time of writing, fell below $3, and some people even shouted the slogan of UNI “Ben 1”. Many investors who had previously bought could not withstand the inner blow of this fierce decline, and they all threw away their tokens, and various questions about Uniswap have also appeared online.

So, is there any hope for UNI? Is there a future for Uniswap? There is no doubt that I think UNI is promising and Uniswap is promising.

First of all, this is not new to the various doubts about Uniswap that have appeared on the Internet. These doubts existed long before Uniswap issued coins and even before the Uniswap fire. It’s just that there were not many people paying attention to it at that time, so this kind of questioning did not attract the interest of the public; but now that there are too many people paying attention to it, and the market is not good, so the old problems of speculation have focused attention.

Every time the market is sluggish, doubts about various projects will be turned out and speculated again. This is a habitual action of almost all investment circles. As investors, we must treat such articles rationally, and not be too disturbed by them.

Before, I have shared with you my method of judging the project. Firstly, I look at the field in which the project is located, whether it is promising; secondly, whether the project’s qualifications in this field are good or not; finally, look at the price when we started the project , Is it appropriate.

Using this method to judge UNI, its field is undoubtedly very promising. This DeFi tide is not an exaggeration to say that the biggest bright spot is to prove that decentralized exchanges have outperformed centralized exchanges in some respects. Even if they cannot completely replace centralized exchanges in the future, there will be a day of equal shares.

In the field of decentralized exchanges, at least for the moment, there is no doubt about UNI’s leading position. This status is difficult to be shaken in the short term, and Uniswap is planning the V3 version, and I am also very looking forward to the appearance of the V3 version.

As for the currency price, I always think that prices within 5 US dollars are suitable for fixed investment in installments. My calculation method is: Based on the unit price of 5 US dollars, its total issuance market value is 5 billion US dollars, ranking 5th in CMC by market value. This market value is ranked ahead of Ripple, but Ripple is almost an outdated species without any imagination. Uniswap is much larger than Ripple in imagination. Therefore, this market value is not low, but it is not high as a leading project.

The current price of UNI is only 2.6 US dollars, and its total issuance market value is only 2.6 billion US dollars, ranking 13 on CMC. This price is obviously underestimated. For investors who are optimistic about UNI in the long-term, there is no reason to fear.

So now I am not only optimistic about UNI, but also more optimistic about UNI than before.

“Others are greedy, I fear, and others fear, I am greedy.” This sentence is easy to say but very difficult to do. Especially when investors are on the scene, facing tremendous pressure from the market and psychological torture from the heart, it is a great test for investors to be able to withstand these sufferings and insist on guiding their behavior with reason.

It is true that only through these practical tests can investors survive in the ever-changing market, filter out all kinds of noise in the market, and see a bright future and the dawn of victory.


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