Long and short divergence is not big, Bitcoin high shock trimming


The performance of the crypto market is relatively calm. Bitcoin lacks new stimulus. After a continuous rise, it enters a turbulent phase, around 11400; Ethereum has little divergence between longs and shorts, focusing on the linkage of the market


After falling behind yesterday, Bitcoin opened one step lower today, and the price returned to oscillating activity near 11400.

After digesting the good news, yesterday’s weak turbulence fell further at 8 pm, testing the support of 11300 points; it ended five Lianyang’s upward trend. There was a slight rebound today, and it was difficult for the price to push upward after reaching 11400. From the daily chart, the price opened lower and stepped on the 5-day moving average. The K-line turned green but sometimes retracements occurred during the day. The main reason was that the trading volume could not be released, accompanied by small-level hourly online chips. The release of the market is only temporary, and the willingness of the macd indicator to go upward is not strong. There is a demand for short-term market reverberation.

The current market situation is relatively calm. There is a shortage of positive news and stimulus, and it is also related to the impact on the overall financial market after the stock market’s surge. After the US stock market opened higher yesterday, the rising market did not continue today. Instead, it entered The callback is a normal operation after the surge. Pay close attention to how to go after the adjustment. After all, the linkage between the stock market and the encrypted market is strengthening.


The trend of Ethereum and the broader market is very consistent, and the pattern is adjusted simultaneously.

The 400-point overshoot is gone, and the 380-point support is in effect. As can be seen from the above figure, the 60-day moving average and the 5-day moving average have converged, and the rising posture of the 5-day moving average has changed to move forward horizontally, and the strength of the rebound has weakened. The K line fell from above the upper Bollinger line to within the Bollinger band. Today is the activity in the narrow range between the 5-day moving average and Bollinger upper rail. The differences between the long and short sides are small, and the trading volume has also decreased significantly compared with yesterday. After the shock, the market trend is uncertain.

However, the overall market price of the market is still at a high level, and the trading volume of spot and contract has been increasing this year. Although DEFI has cooled down, new hot spots in the market have not been found. There may be repeated speculation. The volatility of the ether market is not It will be big. If you drop down again in the day, you can also consider entering the market


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