New functions are introduced in the trading platform focused on tokenization

A “state-of-the-art” platform aimed at making digital asset transactions easier said it is in the exciting process of creating new features for users.

Tokenbox claims that by providing intuitive charts with daily and long-term performance updates, traders can view the performance of their portfolio at a glance.

The Tokenbox team pointed out that the platform provides dozens of transaction pairs, and a universal cryptocurrency wallet means that a large number of different assets can be safely stored in one place. The company also provides a crucial entry point for newcomers in the cryptocurrency space-enabling anyone to make a deposit via wire transfer or using their bank card.

Tokenbox emphasized that the introduction of a tokenized investment portfolio also helps investors achieve diversification. As the coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainty to the economy and the stock market, this issue has become the focus of attention.

The team said that since its launch in 2017, Tokenbox has made great progress, with hundreds of investors participating in crowdfunding. Its Beta platform is constantly being improved, and major versions are regularly released.

Show winning strategy

One of Tokenbox ’s top priorities is to create a vibrant community around its platform—in this environment, traders can share strategies and engage in friendly competition.

To this end, the company announced plans to hold a trading competition on May 25. Both novices and experienced professionals will be invited to participate, and the simple registration process means that it takes less than five minutes to set up an account.

The competition will last for a month, with Tokenbox’s intuitive trading terminal as the core. The team said that those who generate the highest return in US dollars will be rewarded by TBX, which is a practical token for the platform.

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