Opinion; Bitcoin only has speculation, no investment

The halving on May 12th, watched the live broadcast of Erbao, really shocked four. The main argument that caused controversy is about the speculative nature of the Bitcoin market. Erbao believes that the currency circle is a zero-sum game that does not generate any value. It is a game between each other. The money you make is the money lost by others. The success of Bitcoin is to open a decentralized “casino”.

Erbao was so full of interest in the live broadcast room that embarrassed several other “academic” guests. Later, Wang Feng joined the discussion, and three of them talked about why Erbao would change from an extreme believer in Bitcoin to what it is today.

In the words of Shuaichu, “Have you been stimulated by Erbao?”

Wang Feng said: “Erbao is a bit like being out of a revolutionary organization.”

Liu Changyong concluded: It may be that Erbao did not make money when he believed in Bitcoin, and his lack of faith did make him earn money.

01. Is Bitcoin an investment or a speculation?

Generally speaking, we believe that investment is correct and speculation should be criticized, but it really makes you discern the difference between the two. On the night of his retirement, Soros left the world with a meaningful sentence: “The history of the world economy is a serial based on illusions and lies. To obtain wealth, the approach is to recognize its illusions, invest in them, and then be recognized by the public in the illusions Quit the game before. “

After reading “Financial Alchemy”, it is easy to understand its meaning: the market is always wrong due to human irrationality. Only by discovering market deviations faster than others and recognizing the truth can we profit.

Investment is a game, and it is smarter than anyone. Smart people will make money for fools, so investing is a zero-sum game. In other words, investment is speculation.

We often hear that Bitcoin Circle V brags about the value investment of bitcoin, and advocates everyone to vote for bitcoin and advocates the change of life. This is a beacon of life for users who do not want to think. But this piece of cover for value investing can never hide the naked speculative nature of the Bitcoin market. Not just the Bitcoin market, the essence of the world is speculation.

Is speculation wrong?

Previously, if someone said that Bitcoin was a speculative market, I was very angry, and cited a large number of examples to prove that Bitcoin is not speculative. We all naturally reject the word “speculation”, which has a lot to do with our educational environment. During the study period, teachers and parents always taught us that we should study hard and be human, and don’t try to take shortcuts. Before the reform and opening up, there was even a crime of speculation.

We are all fooled by the two terms investment and speculation. Speculation is actually a neutral term. There is no praise or moral criticism. Speculation is even a great cause. Do n’t simply think that speculation is gambling. On the contrary, speculation is a thing Very professional course.

If you have to pick out the difference between investment and speculation, one is Mandarin and the other is Cantonese.

Nerds are often entangled in various terms, whether it is speculation or investment, it is good to make money. Always remember this sentence, you can make a value investment, but do n’t believe it, just let others believe it.

When everyone thinks that Bitcoin is rising because of its own value, you know they are buying it because of the value of Bitcoin. They buy, you buy, they earn, you also earn, but don’t believe it.

02. Faith is the biggest poison

Bitcoin belief, Ethereum belief, various beliefs. . . . .

Hold on, the team is doing things.

After three waves are over, the price will hit a new high.


The people who created these slogans are often sober, and those who believe in these slogans are often stupid.

I used to be this kind of stupidity, turning over the project white paper every day, but it has nothing to do with whether you make money or not. I was once hooked on certain projects, no matter how high the price, regardless of the market environment, buy it as soon as you pay. There is no stop loss for how to plunge, and even keep increasing positions against the trend, because I like it, because of faith. Obviously, the market does not care about the so-called belief. The deeper the love, the worse the loss.

This is also a common problem for many believers at present, and your faith becomes your biggest poison. You must always remember that your only purpose in the currency circle is to make money, and anything that has nothing to do with making money is nonsense. If you want to survive in the currency circle, the first principle is to put an end to bullshit faith, and the market is to harvest you through your faith, and never fall in love with the currency circle.

Any reason why you can buy a currency is by no means a big V saying how good it is, not by how good you think it is, just because you want to make money through it. Only coins that can be pulled are good coins, otherwise they are nonsense. All beliefs are obstacles to making money for you. They are your stupid attachments, and you can only survive if you see through.

03. Conclusion

All investment cannot cover the essence of speculation.

“Yin Fu Jing” cloud: “Instinct, enthusiasm; human heart, opportunity; standing the way of the heavens, in order to set people. Heaven is killing, moving stars and places; the earth is killing, the dragon snake is landing; Heaven and earth repeat; heaven and man come together to make the foundation of everything. “

Without speculation, how to steal the world and how to make the world better?

Long live speculation, long live, long live! ! !


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