The short-term market is in a state of high and strong shocks and upwards. Then rest, wait and see, and wait for possible adjustments! Bitcoin Sky Chart 2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold. Unknowingly, the profit of this long-term long-term order has exceeded 7,000 US dollars. […]


The price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate above 16,000; if Ethereum 440 is not broken, the opportunity to enter the market can increase The price of Bitcoin went up and down several times after it encountered resistance and shocks last week. Many parties still tried their best to maintain above 16,000. The overall trend is […]


The DeFi field will usher in the second spring in the future, and the projects that have risen again will still be among the current head projects. Today’s article answers three representative questions: 1. Recommend several potential DeFi projects? Regarding this issue, I once wrote an article on October 8 “DeFi Really Will Return to […]


You may have noticed that the decentralized financial DeFi on Ethereum has now become the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency field, further consolidating the first-mover advantage of Ethereum, and is expected to challenge the leaders in the traditional financial services field. The success of DeFi is attributed to the three basic properties of the decentralized […]


PayPal is now launching payment and trading services based on encrypted digital currencies. PayPal users can make payments and transactions in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin through PayPal’s payment terminals. Its first service users are US users, and it will be provided to users worldwide. During the gestational launch period, due to the very […]


The overall direction of Bitcoin is still a bullish tone. In the short term, we will wait for a wave of adjustments in Bitcoin before looking for new trading signals! Bitcoin Sky Chart 2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold. The profit of this long order still […]


Golden Finance Blockchain News, October 12th. Now a large number of functions and protocols supporting income farming and mortgages have emerged in the DeFi industry. Cryptocurrency holders can exchange income by staking their digital assets. Attractive returns lead to this Many projects in the field have experienced explosive growth, and each project has its own […]


PayPal may be ubiquitous as an online payment system, but there are relatively few options for using the platform to buy Bitcoin. In November 2020, PayPal announced that all account holders in the United States will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin through its platform. Prior to this, the company announced in […]


Everyone fears that I am greedy. I wrote an article earlier and shared with you how traditional institutional investors such as Grayscale, MicroStrategy, Twitter CEO CashApp, etc. invest in Bitcoin. Such institutional investors are basically investors with a more traditional style. They see Bitcoin mainly from the perspective of traditional institutional investors such as security […]


Standing at the crossroads of the cryptocurrency industry, DeFi and OTC transactions are heading in completely different directions. The different statistics of the cryptocurrency industry are not always intertwined. Some people will see the popularity of over-the-counter transactions because more and more people are interested in DeFi and income farming. In fact, they are too […]