Satoshi Nakamoto and God V are programmers, and he is the “power player” in the digital currency industry!

Whether it is a technical school like Satoshi Nakamoto or a businessman like Wu Jihan, they are all indispensable forces in the development of the blockchain industry.

Industry founder

When it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, there are always two names: Satoshi Nakamoto and V God.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, announcing the birth of Bitcoin, and blockchain technology has also come out as the underlying technology of Bitcoin. For more than ten years, the financial status and development prospects of blockchain and Bitcoin have continued to rise. Numerous experts and scholars have joined the industry one after another, but Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the world, has gradually disappeared and disappeared.

Many people have explored the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and even the US FBI has launched an investigation on him, but they have found nothing. In 2015, Bhagwan Chowdhry, a professor of finance at the University of California, Los Angeles, nominated Satoshi Nakamoto as a candidate for the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics, but Satoshi Nakamoto did not respond and had to give up on this matter. Today, blockchain technology has become an important technological development direction in countries around the world, but the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery.

Satoshi Nakamoto

In addition to Satoshi Nakamoto, Ethereum founder V God is also dazzling.

V God, born in 1994, is only 26 years old this year, but his personal achievements have made it difficult for most people in their lives.

As two iconic figures in the blockchain industry, V God is not as mysterious as Satoshi Nakamoto, but it is equally unattainable.

God V started to know Bitcoin since the age of 17, and had a keen interest in it. Two years later, he resolutely dropped out of the University of Waterloo and began to concentrate on blockchain research. In the second year of dropping out of school, V God published the white paper “Ethereum: A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Application Platform” in the Bitcoin Magazine where he was the editor. That year, Ethereum raised 31,000 bitcoins (approximately US$18.4 million at the time). As the founder, V God also became famous and became the most eye-catching genius in the crypto industry.

The rise of the mainland

Bitcoin and Ethereum have laid the foundation of the entire crypto industry, and both Satoshi Nakamoto and V God are also known worldwide for their technical geniuses. But at the same time, in addition to technical geniuses, there are also some businessmen in the industry who rely on a keen sense of smell to make a comeback in their lives. Bitmain Wu Jihan is one of them.

In 2013, the Bitcoin market rose sharply and quickly became a well-known investment star. The term mining has also become a popular fashion in the financial world. At this time, Wu Jihan noticed the business opportunity. He discovered a rapidly expanding miner market. Now, there are almost no natural enemies in this market, so he decided to build a mining machine, so he and the technology giant Zhanke group quickly established it together. Bitmain.

Unsurprisingly, as soon as Bitmain’s ASIC mining machine was launched, it was enthusiastically sought after by miners and successfully obtained three rounds of financing, attracting countless gold at a time. Wu Jihan himself quickly made the Hurun Rich List and became a new generation. Industry leaders. The Zhan Ke group responsible for the technical part has not been remembered by too many people.

In the first few years when Bitmain was founded, due to the good momentum of currency development and the lack of competitiveness in the market, Bitmain made a lot of money.

Although there were differences between the two founders, they were based on the principle of “same wealth”.

The principle is also fine. Until the end of 2018, when the currency price fell to the bottom, Bitmain also encountered a wall in the IPO of Hong Kong stocks. Zhan Ketuan took the lead to stand up and ask employees to stand in line, and the company formed an opposition.

In the end, Wu Jihan had to step down from all positions and Zhan Ketuan became the chairman.

Since then, the company has embarked on the era of power seizure. In August 2018, Zhan Ketuan began to drastically reform the company’s internal organization.

Not only did many departments exchange, but also his confidant was inserted into each department.

Internal complaints were rife, and the contradiction worsened again. At the same time, when 2019 arrives, the industry has recovered across the board, and new competitors have followed one after another. Many mining machine manufacturers have begun to cannibalize Bitmain’s market. Under internal and external troubles, Bitmain’s foundation is gradually being consumed. …..

Imminent coup

In 2018, the two founders of Bitmain, Wu Jihan, and Zhan Ketuan broke out in the first power struggle. This war finally ended in Wu Jihan’s regression. But this story about power obviously has not ended yet.

Sure enough, on October 29, 2019, the coup began again. At that time, Bitmain was facing internal and external troubles, but Wu Jihan once again returned to the company, swiftly seizing power, changing business information, unilaterally dismissing Zhan Ketuan, and restricting all his powers. In fact, this “coup” has been planned for a long time.

In 2018, although Wu Jihan resigned from all positions in the company and only retained the position of director, he actually kept the company’s official seal.

After returning to the company, Wu Jihan quickly re-established power, replaced the head of the HR department, and held a staff meeting. On the day of the “coup”, the company’s business information was also changed. The original legal representative was changed from Zhan Ketuan to Wu Jihan. The position of executive director was also changed. Zhan Ketuan was completely kicked out of the game.

When the Zhan Ke group, more than 2,000 kilometers away, received the news, he rushed back to the background headquarters.

However, when he arrived at the company, he realized that he couldn’t even enter the company.

This coup has once become the subject of eager discussion in the entire industry. A week after the incident, Zhan Ketuan publicly stated that he would definitely return to the company through legal means. In June of this year, he announced that he had returned to Bitmain. In this power struggle, it is difficult for us to evaluate who is right and who is wrong, but it is foreseeable that this game is far from over.

Compared with Satoshi Nakamoto and V God, Wu Jihan is more like a businessman, a businessman who knows how to weigh the pros and cons and can hit the key. The battle between him and Zhan Ketuan appeared to be just a struggle between the company’s technology and interest groups, but in fact it was a difference between the two in anticipating the direction of the industry.

Of course, whether it is a technical school like Satoshi Nakamoto or a businessman like Wu Jihan, they are both indispensable forces in the development of the blockchain industry.


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