Smart contract system Palmtop will be launched soon

If you missed the 10-fold increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, should you miss Palmtop? Palmtop is one of the most noteworthy projects for blockchain enthusiasts in 2021.
What is Palmtop?

Palmtop is a safe, open and fully automatic smart contract system based on the DT (Boundary Network) blockchain network. It is committed to creating a harmonious ecology of mutual help between players and players! Automatic operation, completely decentralized, without central control! Players and users around the world can participate anonymously, which is indeed a boon for privacy protectors!

Why did you choose DT network? The handling fee based on the operation of the DT network is much lower than that of Ethereum and other networks, which greatly saves costs for users. At present, Hashpay Wallet has supported the ecological operation of the DT blockchain, and also supports other blockchain networks and Cross-chain interaction between DT network assets!

Palmtop will soon be launched on Hashpie Wallet. Players can participate without barriers through Hashpie Wallet. Its ecological governance token PMC will also be open for exchange soon! The communities currently queuing up please wait. We will disclose the latest news in a timely manner. We also ask the major communities to keep an eye on them and win in the front line of awareness.

Speaking of 2020, it is not easy to “rat”, the epidemic is spreading, the economy is down, and fraud continues…

Only after being teased can we understand the meaning of justice;

Only when you are deceived can you know the value of integrity;

Scarred, only to understand the weak and impatience;

This is an opportunity to participate as equals as long as you want to change without relying on relationship or background!

When Palmtop is about to go online in 2021, we sincerely invite elites from all walks of life and industry leaders, whether you have industry resources or network resources, or are passionate about achieving something, join us and build a new finance with us Order now!


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