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After figuring out the relationship between bitcoin and the blockchain, my parents didn’t ask anymore. I started wondering. After bitcoin, why are there other coins? I often hear about altcoins, forks, airdrops, and platform coins. Where do they come from? Today we will talk about the small history of various tokens. 01 “Three Good Students”-Bitcoin, […]


Ethereum options may be a new driving force for the growth of the crypto market. Ethereum (ETH) options have performed very well this year. In the past two months, the open positions of Deribit (the largest market for these options) have soared by 315% to reach US$158 million, breaking the US$150 million mark for the […]


Although Bitcoin has proven to be a reliable payment option in the past, it has not really played a role in low amounts and instant payment, which has long plagued many users and has been regarded as the main adoption of Bitcoin obstacle. For example, if a user buys a bag of cashews in a […]