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Holding high the banner of “Retail Alliance Governance”, the motivation for UNII’s launch remains to be seen. Seizing the warmth of the UNI airdrop feast, a “forked coin” named UNII was released in the same way. On the official website, UNII, which is only one “I” from UNI, claims to be Uniswap’s “governance alliance”, saying […]


Focusing on long-term value, the price of Ethereum is very low within US$400, and we must seize the opportunity to accumulate Ethereum chips. The market has fallen sharply in the past few days. Bitcoin once fell to $10,000. As of the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin was $10,578, and the price of Ethereum […]


Tyler Winklevoss, one of the co-founders of Gemini Exchange, believes that the Fed’s monetary policy is a booster for the price of Bitcoin. He said on Twitter that most of the price support for Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, comes from the Federal Reserve. Attraction is diminishing. Powell will deliver a keynote speech […]


The coming of the Sino-U.S. trade war and the Ming Zuo Party meeting have attracted global attention. It is also a test of the financial market. Friends should pay attention to the flexibility of position control. Bitcoin is the best safe-haven asset in the global economic crisis. Earlier this year , Due to Bitcoin’s sharp […]


According to comparison data, Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, fell slightly on Tuesday, while gold, which had been trending strongly in the previous period, fell below $2,000. More and more analysts believe that the correlation between Bitcoin and gold price trends is strengthening, and the market on Tuesday confirmed this. The price […]


The panic of market funds has not diminished. Bitcoin’s short-term price trend is stronger than that of other mainstream currencies, maintaining an upward trend during consolidation. Ethereum has long and short checks and balances and strong consolidation. According to news from the Russian media Kommersant on August 4, Sergey Popov, head of transaction operations at […]


As users rush to buy tokens, there is an artificial demand for certain assets, which leads to “unintended consequences.” Key points: Since the beginning of June, the total number of DeFi users has increased by 23%, and Ethereum and Bitcoin, worth more than $2 billion, are now locked in DeFi. DeFi is still in its […]


There is a point in the “Oscillation Cycle Theory” that is impressive. The book says, “2020 is the commodity cycle, an opportunity to change the fate of investors.” I will read this sentence after 7 months in 2020, and I have mixed feelings. Various commodities have gone out of the V-shaped curve after experiencing a […]


In the past economic cycles, the global economic situation has encountered uncertain prospects. Gold, oil and the US dollar are undoubtedly the “oldest three” hedge assets pursued by wholly-owned hedge funds. When the time shifts to 2020, the original The “oldest three” has become the “new two”: gold and bitcoin. “China Times” reporter learned that […]


Bitcoin has not missed the recent increase in the price of the encrypted market, but its on-chain transfer fees have also risen as much as the Ethereum network fees, which can not bring users a bad transfer experience. Bitcoin fees have risen again, approaching the level of the recovery period following the collapse of the […]