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DEFI has died down, and BTC has performed well in regaining the market, and has a tendency to drive a rebound in the market. Bitcoin continued yesterday’s upward trend and once again hit the 11,000 point level. The pressure at the 60-day moving average line, the K-line crossing lacks kinetic energy support, and the current […]


A few days ago, the Bitcoin network has just updated a huge bug fixing software, which might have caused the entire node system to shut down. Fortunately, since the researchers discovered the vulnerability two years ago, it has been kept strictly confidential until now, and hackers have never exploited the vulnerability. summary In 2018, R&D […]


The market has entered a weak market, and the rebound of mainstream coins is full of resistance, and the DeFI market has been retreating temporarily. Bitcoin launched a strong impact yesterday. It stepped on 10250 and reached around 10700. By the end of the market, the price was hovering around 10700, setting the largest single-day […]


In order to maintain the integrity of this decentralized system, miners must perform complex mathematical calculations quickly. During the Bitcoin mining process, the verified transaction block will obtain a new hash value and be added to the blockchain. Bitcoin’s computing power is on the rise. According to a report from Decrypt on September 8, data […]


Investors with a small amount of capital should not envy the so-called DeFi rich story, and configure Bitcoin and Ethereum with peace of mind, and wait for the market for mainstream currencies! On September 9, the mining project EMD (Emerald) on EOS burst into thunder and the founder ran away. After the news was exposed, […]


Ethereum DeFi is shuffling the top ten digital currencies by market value. The development of DeFi is in full swing. What ordinary investors pay more attention to is how much benefits they can get from the gameplay of various projects, how many mines are dug, and how high the price of tokens can rise. In […]


With the high threshold of Ethereum, it is possible that the main DeFi battlefield for retail investors will become a low-cost platform such as TRON and EOS. DeFi (decentralized finance) has developed to the present, and there has been a very obvious difference in the attitudes of inside and outside the circle: some people think […]


The more at this time, the more we have to be calm and don’t blindly chase high. As long as the price of Bitcoin exceeded US$10,000 and the price of Ethereum exceeded US$400, I would not recommend that you make a fixed investment, because if you make a long-term investment, the profit will be relatively […]


The equity valuation is inconsistent. Chen Weixing intends to sue Binance from the top financial columnist Wu said blockchain. The content is brief: more investors have chosen to compromise and settle. What is the truth about the several public cases surrounding the Binance equity dispute? At 10 pm on August 31, a circle of friends […]


The market sentiment was soaring, Bitcoin once again surpassed 12,000 points, and Ethereum reached 470 and then set a new high, becoming the first echelon pioneer; the transaction volume was slower than the increase, and more progress was made as planned, without blindness! The two-day price trend over the weekend was relatively mild, and yesterday’s […]