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Grayscale Investments has purchased BTC for its Bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) that is more than 1.5 times the total amount mined since the third halving of Bitcoin, which indicates strong institutional demand for BTC, analysts After the Coronavirus crisis, Bitcoin is expected to rise significantly. Since the halving, the number of grayscale BTC purchased is […]


It ’s everyone ’s dream to earn nothing, the Bitcoin mine Layer1 is trying to make this dream a reality, because they have found a “good way” to make money even if the mining equipment is closed. Layer1 is a cryptocurrency mining startup backed by billionaire Peter Thiel and others. In recent months, the company […]


-There are three very different factors that determine whether an asset has a good value storage capacity, and Bitcoin occupies an important position among these three factors. -Currently, gold and the US dollar are the most prominent means of value storage. As people lose trust in the government, this situation may soon change. -Investors may […]


A “state-of-the-art” platform aimed at making digital asset transactions easier said it is in the exciting process of creating new features for users. Tokenbox claims that by providing intuitive charts with daily and long-term performance updates, traders can view the performance of their portfolio at a glance. The Tokenbox team pointed out that the platform […]