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Ethereum 2.0 is not only the future of Ethereum but also the future of the entire blockchain public chain. The imagination of Ethereum will definitely be much larger than that of Bitcoin. Recently Bao Erye said, “I used to play 100% only with Bitcoin, but now I change to 50% Bitcoin and 50% Ethereum.” People […]


Holding high the banner of “Retail Alliance Governance”, the motivation for UNII’s launch remains to be seen. Seizing the warmth of the UNI airdrop feast, a “forked coin” named UNII was released in the same way. On the official website, UNII, which is only one “I” from UNI, claims to be Uniswap’s “governance alliance”, saying […]


1. The fixed investment can be continued within ETH 400 USD. 2. High-quality DeFi projects can be ordered to buy. From yesterday to today, the market once again ushered in a sharp drop, this time including mainstream coins Bitcoin and Ethereum are not spared. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin has fallen to about […]


Many OTC merchants ceased their business, and the industry was bleak. This year is the year when the People’s Bank of China cracked down on money laundering. Due to the inability of RMB-cryptocurrency to comply with regulations, OTC merchants walking on the fringe became targets of the crackdown. Many OTC merchants ceased their business, and […]


Mesopotamia is an ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, spanning present-day Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey. It is the birthplace of civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria. 9500 BC. In the fertile Tigris-Eupharates river basin, mankind has developed one of the most important technologies in history, that is, the technology of cultivating […]


The DeFi investment trend has changed? Two indicators to see the truth! Predicting the cryptocurrency market is not necessarily a hard science. A new study shows that people’s views on certain tokens and projects can be tracked on social media such as Twitter. This simple strategy is a profitable venture capital for traders. But as […]


The price of less than US$5 is a price worthy of long-term investment. If it is higher than this price, I will not buy it. Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, issues coins. Someone asked if UNI is worth buying? In yesterday’s article “Uniswap Issuing Coins and How Does It Influence the Market Outlook”, I shared […]


Yam Finance tweeted to remind that, please note that at the time of launch, the only supported liquidity pool is the incentive Uniswap YAM/yUSD pool.   The total number of tokens anchored to BTC on the Ethereum chain exceeds 100,000 According to data from Btconethereum.com, the total number of tokens anchored to BTC on the […]


A few days ago, the Bitcoin network has just updated a huge bug fixing software, which might have caused the entire node system to shut down. Fortunately, since the researchers discovered the vulnerability two years ago, it has been kept strictly confidential until now, and hackers have never exploited the vulnerability. summary In 2018, R&D […]


In order to maintain the integrity of this decentralized system, miners must perform complex mathematical calculations quickly. During the Bitcoin mining process, the verified transaction block will obtain a new hash value and be added to the blockchain. Bitcoin’s computing power is on the rise. According to a report from Decrypt on September 8, data […]