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If you missed the 10-fold increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, should you miss Palmtop? Palmtop is one of the most noteworthy projects for blockchain enthusiasts in 2021. What is Palmtop? Palmtop is a safe, open and fully automatic smart contract system based on the DT (Boundary Network) blockchain network. It is committed to creating a […]


As the demand for capital increases and the supply of Bitcoin continues to decrease, its price growth in 2021 seems to be more and more reasonable. There is no doubt that Bitcoin has been developing rapidly from the beginning of 2021, but overall, the return rate of major currencies for the entire crypto world has […]


In 2020, the new crown pneumonia ravages the world. Wuhan, as one of the most severely affected areas, has taken a series of measures such as closing the Lihan Channel. Under the circumstances that it suffered the biggest loss in history, it bought precious time for the national and even global anti-epidemic, made important contributions, […]


Europe and the United States continue to bet on DeFi, while Asia focuses on “post-public chain ecology” and transaction upgrades. The digital currency industry ushered in an “institutional bull market” that pushed Bitcoin to a new level of US$37,000. According to CoinMarketCap data, as of the morning of January 7, 2021, the total market value […]


Let us look forward to a bright 2021! Today is the last day of 2020. Thank you very much for your company for a year on this rugged road of digital currency investment. 2020 is a year of mixed flavors. At the beginning of the year, the economy suffered huge losses under the impact of […]


Although the cake is getting bigger and bigger, the competition will only become more intense from now on. 2020 is a turbulent year for the cryptocurrency field, but for Bitcoin and the more promising cryptocurrency world, what will happen in the next year? Let’s discuss it together. Brief overview 1. The big names in the […]


The prerequisite for choosing to buy when a project plummets is that the project is promising in the future. Otherwise, it will fall into another pit, which is counterproductive. In the past two days, the information about COVER and Ripple projects has been relatively hot in the circle. COVER was hacked and caused a sharp […]


The recent performance of Bitcoin has been challenging the entire market to enhance its competitiveness, but so far there is still a gap. For example, although Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market, has been growing, it is not as high as Bitcoin on the price chart. What does this ultimately lead to? Well, this […]


When paper money is no longer scarce, the belief in currency is also facing unprecedented challenges. The market will spontaneously look for long-term survival and long-term scarcity assets and find new currencies. Looking back on 2020, the new crown epidemic will continue throughout the year. The capital market has witnessed the historical meltdown and epic […]


My guess is that unless these investigations are conducted, there will be no changes in the law, provided that the existing legal framework is sufficient to properly supervise the current field,” said Andrés Gua, a senior lecturer in intellectual property law at the university. Andres Guadamuz, Sussex, UK, said. But regardless of the uncertainty surrounding […]