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If you have any questions, you can leave a message or post me privately on WeChat. After I have compiled it together, I will analyze and answer in the article. Teacher, Bitcoin has risen so much now, can I sell some and then buy on dips? — It is not recommended to develop this habit […]


In the course of 7 years, Paypal changed from questioning the applicability of Bitcoin as a currency to embracing cryptocurrency. Paypal announced that it will provide support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ending the seven-year hesitation of the payment platform. So, what changed the balance of cryptocurrency preferences? The New York State Department of Financial […]


I think that the current Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some of the leading projects in the DeFi ecosystem belong to this type of project worthy of long-term holding. There is an old saying that “stones from other mountains can be used for jade”, which means that we can usually learn from other fields when we do […]


As the global digital currency enters the stage of high-speed competition, the dividends brought by favorable policies are self-evident. Author: Yu Yue products, Liu four red Shenzhen, which has just sprinkled the “red envelope rain” of tens of millions of digital currencies, once again ushered in the favorable policies of digital currencies. On October 11, […]


Blockchain applications can never achieve complete trust-free, but different applications have significant differences in the degree of trust-free. Author|Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum For many blockchain applications, trust-free is one of the most important features. The so-called trustlessness means that the normal work of the application does not presuppose that specific participants behave in a […]


The price of USD 10,000 BTC is not high, and the potential for future appreciation is great. According to “China Fund News”, the world’s largest sovereign fund, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, has recently begun to increase its holdings of Bitcoin. The sovereign fund indirectly invested 577.6 bitcoins, and the Norwegian government pension fund invested […]


Ethereum 2.0 is not only the future of Ethereum but also the future of the entire blockchain public chain. The imagination of Ethereum will definitely be much larger than that of Bitcoin. Recently Bao Erye said, “I used to play 100% only with Bitcoin, but now I change to 50% Bitcoin and 50% Ethereum.” People […]


There are two elements to judge the trend of the market: the first is the price trend of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the second is the range and degree of market participants. Since the outbreak of this round of DeFi market, many investors have used a bull market to describe the current overall market. The […]


Some experts in Japan said that the country’s progress in digital currency may lag behind China by as much as six years, and in terms of blockchain, its technological leadership may also lag behind the biggest competitor in East Asia. According to a column report by the Japanese media Record China, Yusuke Takano, a former […]


DeFi coins listed on centralized exchanges may not be high-quality projects. Two days ago, the Biter Exchange was defended and the photos of the police investigation were circulated online. Biter is a relatively old exchange in the industry. The reason why this exchange got into this turmoil was that the exchange launched a DeFi token […]