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Analyze the attributes and value of Bitcoin from the perspective of currency assets, equity assets, and digital gold. Social experiment from the financial crisis Looking back to 2008, the capital market was in an unprecedented crisis. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the financial crisis broke out in the United States and spread to the […]


On Wednesday, the price of gold broke through $1,800, close to an all-time high, while bitcoin, known as “digital gold”, was still oscillating slightly and the trend was weak. Since May last year, especially since March 2020, gold prices have continued to rise. It has risen by US$400 in the past four months, an increase […]


Last week, the highest-valued cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, completed its third block reward halving since its birth. On Monday, Forbes, the commercial media, said that the 21st century bitcoin is like 20th century gold. Author Roger Huang said in an article titled “Bitcoin Vs Inflation” that as central banks around the world began to focus on zero […]