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“The blockchain ecosystem is not a killer application, but a killer network” On October 27th, the 6th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain was held in Shanghai. This can be regarded as the biggest conference in the blockchain industry this year. Therefore, not only is there a large number of participants, but also many […]


Is Filecoin worth investing now? Many of our readers have recently asked these two questions: 1. I hold a lot of XXX (some public chains that support smart contracts). Should I replace it? 2. I have been following Filecoin, can I start investing now? Today I will share with you my views on these two […]


Bitcoin stopped its correction and hit a new high in the shock, 13400 points are struggling to stabilize, and the correction depends on the support of 13000 points. Ethereum’s fall was saved by the broader market, and chips poured in. Bitcoin’s high volatility continues, and the signal to break the game is blurred. Yesterday, in […]


If you have any questions, you can leave a message or post me privately on WeChat. After I have compiled it together, I will analyze and answer in the article. Teacher, Bitcoin has risen so much now, can I sell some and then buy on dips? — It is not recommended to develop this habit […]


The short-term four-hour uptrend is suspended, and the mid-line long order B is profitable and closed! Bitcoin Sky Chart 2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold. If there is no summary of the mid-line long position of 7945 on April 29, 2020, there will be no long-term […]


Bitcoin weekly chart, day chart, four-hour multi-period long pattern resonance, the mid-line can continue to hold! Bitcoin Sky Chart 2020.7.26 The long-term long-term multiple A’s that were involved in 9675 can continue to hold. Investment can be said to be a relatively old thing, because it has not changed much and there is nothing new […]


In the course of 7 years, Paypal changed from questioning the applicability of Bitcoin as a currency to embracing cryptocurrency. Paypal announced that it will provide support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ending the seven-year hesitation of the payment platform. So, what changed the balance of cryptocurrency preferences? The New York State Department of Financial […]


Bitcoin continues to rise and 12,000 is conquered. Don’t be too excited. The higher the price, the greater the risk of entering the position. Moreover, the repeatability of the upward movement makes the rhythm more difficult to grasp, especially for contracts. The Bitcoin market continued to rise, and the 12000 point was broken; after the […]


I think that the current Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some of the leading projects in the DeFi ecosystem belong to this type of project worthy of long-term holding. There is an old saying that “stones from other mountains can be used for jade”, which means that we can usually learn from other fields when we do […]


It is reported that Huobi attaches great importance to the “H-Tokens” plan internally, and what does the flow of these coins to Ethereum mean to the market? Author: miaohash Editor: Wu said block chain Huobi has just launched HFIL, the Ethereum-based Filcoin token. This is not the first time Huobi has converted public chain tokens […]