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If you missed the 10-fold increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, should you miss Palmtop? Palmtop is one of the most noteworthy projects for blockchain enthusiasts in 2021. What is Palmtop? Palmtop is a safe, open and fully automatic smart contract system based on the DT (Boundary Network) blockchain network. It is committed to creating a […]


Let us look forward to a bright 2021! Today is the last day of 2020. Thank you very much for your company for a year on this rugged road of digital currency investment. 2020 is a year of mixed flavors. At the beginning of the year, the economy suffered huge losses under the impact of […]


Although the cake is getting bigger and bigger, the competition will only become more intense from now on. 2020 is a turbulent year for the cryptocurrency field, but for Bitcoin and the more promising cryptocurrency world, what will happen in the next year? Let’s discuss it together. Brief overview 1. The big names in the […]


The recent performance of Bitcoin has been challenging the entire market to enhance its competitiveness, but so far there is still a gap. For example, although Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market, has been growing, it is not as high as Bitcoin on the price chart. What does this ultimately lead to? Well, this […]


Before investing in DeFi projects, be sure to configure BTC and ETH. The biggest news in the currency circle last night was that COVER was hacked. COVER is the “popular fried chicken” in the current DeFi insurance field. Recently, it has been conquering cities and land, and has cooperated with many blockbuster projects in the […]


As the project becomes more stable, cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to experiment in the DeFi field. Some exchanges, such as Binance and Huobi, have already invested heavily in DeFi. For example, Huobi has its own DeFi research laboratory and may introduce new products to the market next year. In 2020, decentralized finance will begin to […]


In the face of the “slump”, some people are panicking, while others are very happy. The previous articles talked about my experience of investing in A shares. Because of these experiences, I gradually formed a new habit: I became very sensitive and interested in “plunging”, and the more publicly reported on large media I am […]


Starting in 2020, there is no shortage of outstanding tokens. How do you choose the best performing tokens? Starting in 2020, there is no shortage of outstanding tokens. Almost everything is improving, and prices have risen sharply since the beginning of the year. Even tokens that have fallen in price, such as UNI and Filecoin, […]


Approximately three weeks after the release of the “Beacon Chain” of Ethereum 2.0, mortgagers have locked up 2 million ETH. In the first phase of the Ethereum network upgrade, Ethereum 2.0, there are currently 2 million Ethereum locked. The Ethereum 2.0 pledge contract has locked more than 2 million ETH. The current price of Ethereum […]


For the answers to recent readers’ questions, you can leave a message if you have any questions, and after centralized sorting, the next time will be unified. The following are some answers to your comments recently. The analysis is only my personal understanding, not as direct investment advice! If you have any questions, you can […]