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According to comparison data, Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, rose again on Thursday. As of press time, the price has reached 11,800 U.S. dollars, close to 12,000 U.S. dollars again. With this week’s rise, Bitcoin is gradually recovering from last week’s plunge. Last weekend, Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply when it was close […]


In the past economic cycles, the global economic situation has encountered uncertain prospects. Gold, oil and the US dollar are undoubtedly the “oldest three” hedge assets pursued by wholly-owned hedge funds. When the time shifts to 2020, the original The “oldest three” has become the “new two”: gold and bitcoin. “China Times” reporter learned that […]


On Wednesday, the price of gold broke through $1,800, close to an all-time high, while bitcoin, known as “digital gold”, was still oscillating slightly and the trend was weak. Since May last year, especially since March 2020, gold prices have continued to rise. It has risen by US$400 in the past four months, an increase […]


Bitcoin analyst Tone Vays said in a video shared on YouTube that Bitcoin will not exceed $10,000 this year. He predicted in the video that in the second half of this year, the price of Bitcoin will continue to hover between $6,000 and $10,000. Perhaps Bitcoin will briefly rise above 10,000 USD, but it will […]


Pacific Capital CEO, well-known fund manager and senior Wall Street predictor Peter Schiff recently said that gold is expected to hit a record high this year, but Bitcoin may not reach the historical level of $20,000. Peter Schiff said, “I was wrong to not buy bitcoin eight years ago, but it is also wrong for […]


Last week, the highest-valued cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, completed its third block reward halving since its birth. On Monday, Forbes, the commercial media, said that the 21st century bitcoin is like 20th century gold. Author Roger Huang said in an article titled “Bitcoin Vs Inflation” that as central banks around the world began to focus on zero […]