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When Bitcoin enters the investment range of institutional investors, it will not be far from entering the reserves of central banks. There is a recent article on Newsbtc “Whales Dump Ahead Of Bitcoin ATH, More Than 93K BTC Sold Since Peak”. The article mentions such events: Just when the price of Bitcoin was only one […]


Hong Kong policy is not friendly to Huobi/OK, which is mainly retail investors Compared with Singapore, Hong Kong, which has been slow to advance cryptocurrency policies, has recently reported that cryptocurrency exchanges will be included in the regulatory track. So can Huobi and OK, which already have the main body of Hong Kong listed companies, […]


President-elect Biden may have some people proficient in the crypto industry in his corner, and the new administration may bring more supervision. If you check the Twitter account of US presidential candidate Joe Biden on July 15, you will see a surprising message from the former vice president and current president-elect Joe Biden. His account […]


If we look at this field from a longer-term perspective, it looks like the beginning of the era of great navigation. Recently, a series of policy information appeared to be related to the currency circle. Some time ago, the person in charge of the OK exchange had an accident. This matter has not yet been […]


The price of USD 10,000 BTC is not high, and the potential for future appreciation is great. According to “China Fund News”, the world’s largest sovereign fund, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, has recently begun to increase its holdings of Bitcoin. The sovereign fund indirectly invested 577.6 bitcoins, and the Norwegian government pension fund invested […]


The impact of economic policy orientation on Bitcoin The US government’s economic stimulus policies will eventually promote Bitcoin’s adoption of encrypted wallets and exchanges. The US government’s efforts to address the current economic situation may eventually lead to greater adoption of Bitcoin. I think this is a critical moment for Bitcoin as a new asset […]


The KYC platform will become a nationwide system for the exchange of verified customer data. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and the state-owned bank Emirates NBD are launching their so-called UAE KYC blockchain platform. 120 local companies have signed up with Kookmin Bank to use the platform The new blockchain platform was first […]


During Omaba’s presidency, Anurag Lal served as the director of the National Broadband Task Force. Currently, he is the CEO of NetSfere, which provides secure messaging services for enterprises. Lal believes that laws such as the “EARN IT Act” and the “Legal Access to Encrypted Data Act” essentially require the prohibition of end-to-end encryption, which […]


In the face of the “big boss” problems such as multiple links for bankruptcy handling, high procedure costs, and complicated creditor-right relationships, the “Blockchain Bankruptcy Handling Linkage Cloud Platform” developed by the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Taxation Shenzhen Taxation Bureau recently Go online and take the lead in exploring […]


In 2020, blockchain has become a hot word in various fields of society. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the blockchain industry has developed rapidly, and the business volume of related companies has continued to grow. It has played an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic and assisting enterprises […]