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Despite Bitcoin’s originality, its network mining process consumes a lot of power and costs are very high. The energy consumption of bitcoin mining has a huge impact on the environment. It has declined after halving bitcoin, and is now starting to rise again. After the halving of Bitcoin in May this year, Bitcoin’s mining reward […]


On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 1, 2013, on the quiet second floor of a small library in San Francisco, the bitcoin-mediated online black market suffered a major blow. A pale, thin man sat at a corner table near the science fiction area, constantly striking his laptop keyboard. He is 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht (Ublich), from […]


On Thursday night Beijing time, the Bitcoin blockchain lowered the mining difficulty by 9.29% at a block height of 633,024, which is also the lowest level since January this year. This is also the bitcoin mining difficulty that has been lowered twice in a row after the block reward has been halved. The mining difficulty […]


British cryptographer and Blockstream CEO Adam Back said in an interview with Bloomberg News that Bitcoin will rise from the current $10,000 to $300,000 within five years. In the interview, he also denied speculation that he was the creator of Bitcoin, “Nakamoto.” Last month, Barely Sociable, a YouTube channel with nearly 400,000 subscribers, posted a […]


Grayscale Investments has purchased BTC for its Bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) that is more than 1.5 times the total amount mined since the third halving of Bitcoin, which indicates strong institutional demand for BTC, analysts After the Coronavirus crisis, Bitcoin is expected to rise significantly. Since the halving, the number of grayscale BTC purchased is […]


For Bitcoin users, the transaction fees for the past three weeks have been very expensive. According to Blockchain.com data, the average cost of sending a BTC transaction soared from about $ 0.5 at the beginning of this month to $ 6.33 on May 21-an increase of more than 1000% in just a few weeks. This […]


Since the beginning of 2020, despite the market crash on March 13, investors and traders have been working hard to accumulate bitcoin. It has previously been reported that bitcoin’s hoarding sentiment has risen. This observation indicates that the community’s interest in holding bitcoin is increasing as the “Bitcoin Hodler net position change” reaches its annual […]


In the early hours of May 12, Bitcoin completed the third block reward halving. After that, the data on the chain and the transition state of the market can be described as “calm”, but in calm, the market also shows some more obvious changes. trend. The currency price is stable and the correlation with S […]


The bitcoin block size has reached a record high. According to data from Blockchain.com, since the halving occurred last week, the average weekly size of the Bitcoin block has reached a record high. As shown in the figure below, the data shows that the combination of two key factors has led to the emergence of […]


The third halving of Bitcoin recently marks another important step in the evolution of this pioneer cryptocurrency. The halving reduces the block rewards miners receive to maintain it as a premise of deflationary currency. But critics expressed some concerns before Bitcoin halved. Some people focus on the impact of halving the price of BTC, and […]