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Some people think that the investment market is a casino for cutting leeks, so they withdraw halfway; some people think that the investment market is a battlefield worth fighting for a lifetime, so they persevere. There is not much information worth sharing in the entire market during the recent period, so let’s talk about my […]


There will be some projects in the DeFi field that will surprise us! In the previous two articles, I shared my estimation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, and Litecoin in the next round of market trends. These are old currencies. In addition to them, there are two old currencies that many investors are paying attention to. […]


Tokenization is a double-edged sword that has a profound impact on the liquidity of assets in the financial market. Blockchain can not only become the main feature of the financial market, but also the main feature of many other economic fields. In theory, any asset can be tokenized, and the rights to it are represented […]


Raise awareness, make less pits, and make more profits. In a round table held at the recent Wuhan World Blockchain Conference, several guests had a lively discussion on Bitcoin’s current and next year’s Bitcoin market. Regarding the current market, some people think that the bull market has not yet arrived, some people think it is […]


For the answers to readers’ questions in the near future, you can leave a message if you have any questions. After collation, we will analyze and answer them in the article next time. The following are some answers to your comments recently. The analysis is only my personal understanding, not as direct investment advice! If […]


Don’t panic, everything is too late. The following are some answers to your comments recently. The analysis is only my personal understanding, not as direct investment advice! If you have any questions, you can leave a message or post me privately on WeChat. Because of my limited energy, I don’t reply one-to-one. After I concentrate […]


Bitcoin rushed high and met resistance and fell back, new highs are unstable, and the intention of capital washing to create entry opportunities is revealed; Ethereum is favored by the blessing, and has little intention to fall back. The price of Bitcoin was turbulent again. Yesterday’s morning price had been struggling to stay above the […]


“Watch the changes and wait for opportunities” Yesterday, the market finally ushered in a wave of adjustments. As of the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin has fallen to US$17,153, and Ethereum has fallen to US$518. Relative to their respective highs, the two have fallen by about 10% and 14% respectively. In the intraday […]


Now UNI is 2.6 US dollars, and its total issuance market value is only 2.6 billion US dollars. This price is obviously underestimated. At present, the big market as a whole is still dropping. Except for Bitcoin and Ethereum which are still barely holding the support level, DeFi tokens can hardly see signs of stopping […]


After bitcoin continued to try to break through $ 10,000, it continued to hover and trade in the mid-range of $ 9,000. Earlier today, the bull market tried to break through this level again, but in vain. As a result, the BitMEX trading engine went down, which caused investors to worry and led to a […]