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It ’s everyone ’s dream to earn nothing, the Bitcoin mine Layer1 is trying to make this dream a reality, because they have found a “good way” to make money even if the mining equipment is closed. Layer1 is a cryptocurrency mining startup backed by billionaire Peter Thiel and others. In recent months, the company […]


The third halving of Bitcoin recently marks another important step in the evolution of this pioneer cryptocurrency. The halving reduces the block rewards miners receive to maintain it as a premise of deflationary currency. But critics expressed some concerns before Bitcoin halved. Some people focus on the impact of halving the price of BTC, and […]


In the early hours of May 12, Bitcoin ushered in the third halving in history. Overnight, 45 types of miners have reached the shutdown price, and they will lose money when they are turned on. The price of the S9, the king of the first generation, fell to 100 yuan. After halving, the mining industry […]