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From the birth of Bitcoin in January 2009 to November 2020, there have been 250 difficulty increases and only 53 difficulty decreases. When I first learned about Bitcoin mining, I thought it was as simple as sitting at home and doing what I wanted to do, and my computer would go to work and make […]


Participating in and experiencing DeFi projects in person is the best way for us to gain first-hand experience and knowledge. In the past few days, many readers have left messages to ask some questions about DeFi. One question is asked more: How to participate and experience DeFi? Someone asked if this refers to liquid mining? […]


Liquidity mining is closely related to a model called Automated Market Maker (AMM). It is usually related to liquidity providers (LP) and liquidity pools. Let’s see how it works. LP deposits funds in a liquidity pool. This pool of funds provides the market with impetus, where users can lend, borrow or exchange tokens. Using these […]


In mid-October 2020, after three months of negotiation and communication, Juan Technology Co., Ltd. formally acquired Shenzhen Canton Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. strategically. HU-AN Tech is a technology company dedicated to digital technology and hardware research and development. At present, its products include distributed storage equipment, high-performance computing equipment, intelligent storage systems, integrated mining farms, […]


The veteran public chain project TIME (Time Public Chain) creates a global 24-time zone super node. TIMEONE (T1) is a global 24 time zone ecosystem architecture based on the time public chain created by the time coin (Singapore) Foundation and the major smart charging pile operating companies in the United Nations. Currently T1 has been […]


On September 24, the Filecoin official team held an online AMA (ask me anything) to answer questions about the second phase of the space race. The official said that all FIL awards from the space race will be awarded within 6 months from the launch of the mainnet. The full text is as follows: 01. […]


Holding high the banner of “Retail Alliance Governance”, the motivation for UNII’s launch remains to be seen. Seizing the warmth of the UNI airdrop feast, a “forked coin” named UNII was released in the same way. On the official website, UNII, which is only one “I” from UNI, claims to be Uniswap’s “governance alliance”, saying […]


There will be more and more new ways to play liquid mining. After YAM forked AMPL and adopted the mechanism of liquid mining, a large number of forked and popular mining projects appeared in the entire DeFi field, and new projects appeared almost every day. Sushiswap forks Uniswap to push this phenomenon to a new […]


At present, the liquidity mining output rate of KIMCHI and SUSHI is very high, and rapid inflation, but the threshold for ordinary users to participate is very high, and the risk is very high. Not only need to be very professional in wallet and private key storage technology, but also need to accurately identify problem […]


After adjusting the difficulty of LTC at 03:45 on September 02, this report mainly analyzes the mining income of LTC based on the price of Litecoin and the mining machine of Ant L3+ model from the static analysis. Highlights of the report 1. The whole network computing power: this round of computing power increased by […]