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For a long time, Bitcoin’s fixed issuance and scarcity value have been one of its most representative attributes, and this attribute has also been one of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies are widely regarded as “safe havens”. New data suggests that Bitcoin may also be scarcer than previously thought, because the current 7.78% of the […]


Recently, with the third halving of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin has been hovering all the way up to around $ 9800. However, all this was broken by the sudden change on the night of May 20th. On the evening of May 20th, an early miner transferred out bitcoin for the first time 11 years […]


Bitcoin ushered in the third halving. On May 12, Beijing time, as the 630,000th block was mined, the Bitcoin block reward was reduced from 12.5 BTC (Bitcoin) to 6.25 BTC. Since 2012, the Bitcoin block reward has been halved from the original 50 BTC to 6.25 BTC three times. Unlike the previous two halvings, Bitcoin […]