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At the beginning of July, Telegram announced that it would stop supporting Telegram’s open network test network, which seems to be another (probably the last) sign that Telegram has permanently withdrawn from its blockchain project. Due to a protracted legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Telegram chose to abandon TON, which […]


The free version of the decentralized blockchain network derived from the TON blockchain on Telegram is launching the first community competition to provide power for its network. Starting this Monday, the free version of TON plans to invite users, developers and validators to participate in three separate contests and distribute a large number of TON […]


On May 12, Telegram officially terminated its planned blockchain project-Telegram Open Network (TON) and its corresponding GRAM token. Telegram has apparently ended its long-term legal battle with US regulators, but it still needs to raise $ 1.7 billion raised in 2018 through its initial coin offering (ICO). Before abandoning the troubled TON project, Telegram CEO […]