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Bitcoin users are withdrawing their bitcoins from exchanges at a record speed. According to market intelligence firm Glassnode, this may be a bullish signal. The number of users continuing to withdraw bitcoins from the exchange set a record, and the current bitcoin price is approaching $ 10,000. Liesl Eichhols, a strategist at blockchain research company […]


A “state-of-the-art” platform aimed at making digital asset transactions easier said it is in the exciting process of creating new features for users. Tokenbox claims that by providing intuitive charts with daily and long-term performance updates, traders can view the performance of their portfolio at a glance. The Tokenbox team pointed out that the platform […]


Since the advent of BTC, more and more people have begun to use “wallets”. Blockchain wallets are essentially a private key management tool. After the developer has developed the wallet, hang it on the Internet without updating. The user has nothing to do with the developer after downloading it. The private key and any wallet […]