The news is positive and the rise continues to accelerate


The news stimulus continued to rise.

Bitcoin rushed to 11,700 points.

After the good digestion, the rise will be slower; the news of Ethereum stimulated more intensely, and the fall may stagnate at 380 points.

Bitcoin reappeared at a high level and met resistance. At 6 o’clock last night, the BTC price accelerated its decline. The 11300 and 11200 support points broke continuously. A few hours later, it broke up strongly, breaking the high pressure of 11500. After a few hours of rest, it went up again. Break through the resistance at 11700. Then there was a fall. The market changes are still very intense. This surge is closely related to the rise of the stock market, especially the US stocks. Due to the peculiarities of Bitcoin’s trading time and mechanism, it was the first to receive stimulus signals, and there was a short-term upward stimulus. After digestion, it will rise. Lose motivation. The current price has once again returned to activities near 11500.

Although the market has repeated changes, the overall nature is still bullish. When the general direction is the same, the money-making effect is not necessarily high. The middle mill will consume more patience, the encryption market is more volatile and less tolerable, and the effect is naturally Poor, there were a lot of contracts exploded last night, and the risks still need to be carefully controlled.

ETH showed an upward movement at the same time as the market, and tried to hit the 400th place again. The judgment differed from yesterday’s.

Judging from the recent DEFI situation and the performance of technical indicators, we made a prediction of weak upswing, and there was a strong rebound in the evening. This is mainly due to the positive stimulus on the news. Boosted by the improvement of the stock market, Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust obtained the approval of the US SEC. This is an important factor for the rise.

The stimulus on the news is all short-lived, and the current decline is showing resistance, and the price is hovering around 380 points. Although yesterday, after stepping back on the 5-day moving average, it broke through the strong suppression position of the 60-day moving average. Due to the lack of subsequent momentum support, it is not very easy to judge whether this line can stand firmly. The nearby shock will continue. After all, from the perspective of technical indicators alone, a strong upward signal is not strong.

LINK followed the rise of mainstream coins. The rise last night was accompanied by the amplification of the amount of energy. The attention of the chips has returned. In this state, the fallback is small. From the daily chart above, it was pushed to a high of 11.4 yesterday. , Basically closed around the high point, today’s continued rush to rise slightly declined, but in comparison, those who did not fall back, remained active above yesterday’s high, and in terms of today’s trading volume, enthusiasm is still maintained , For small operations, it is still possible to take advantage of the fall back.



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