Unstoppable cryptocurrency in 2021|My year-end summary and outlook

cryptocurrency in 2021

Let us look forward to a bright 2021!
Today is the last day of 2020. Thank you very much for your company for a year on this rugged road of digital currency investment.

2020 is a year of mixed flavors. At the beginning of the year, the economy suffered huge losses under the impact of the epidemic. However, our country quickly survived the disaster and achieved a world-leading economic development.

Countries and nations need this tenacious spirit and firm confidence in the face of disasters, and we also need this spirit and confidence in investment.

In the field of digital currency investment this year, the biggest impact encountered was the plunge on March 12. However, many readers were not scared by the plunge, and were still gritting their teeth and insisting on making fixed investments. This firm belief in the future supported us through the pain and the fog, and finally ushered in a different situation at the end of the year: Bitcoin fully broke through the previous round. The bull market peaked and hit new highs, and strode towards $30,000.

Looking back on 2020, I think the biggest gain is: more faith in the future of digital currency, more faith in the prospects of this investment career, more faith in the meaning of long-term investment, and more confidence and courage to face future challenges and adversities.

Looking forward to 2021, almost all insiders and investors are unanimously optimistic that 2021 will be a more glorious year. Under the influence of the FOMO sentiment of institutions running into the market, Bitcoin will continue to rise. Some people shouted the price of $100,000 for Bitcoin, while others shouted the price of $300,000.

I also think that Bitcoin will achieve another success next year, but in the face of all kinds of optimism, there is always a hint of worry in my heart. I am still used to predicting some unexpected situations that may occur next year by using “unexpected wins and pre-expected failures”. Set up and prevent.

What if next year’s market lasts very short and Bitcoin’s rise is very low?

According to the historical laws of the bull market in the past, the bull market of Bitcoin generally lasts for about 1 year. Because this round of market trends will tend to be slow and long due to the participation of institutions, no matter how the market develops next year, it is not recommended to get off the bus easily on the way next year.

Imagine a situation. What if Bitcoin rises to about $50,000 next year and then falls all the way?

In this case, I personally choose to continue to hold the bargaining chips in my hand and let the market go to the end of the year or the year after I see the situation, because the Bitcoin 50,000 US dollars is not enough for the shipment price.

I have a similar idea for Ethereum. If Ethereum does not break through the peak of the previous bull market at $1,400 next year, I will not sell the chips in my hands. I will continue to hold and prepare to fight a protracted battle and survive the next bull market.

In next year’s market, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is a high probability that there will be a good performance. I think another sector that will have a bright performance is DeFi.

Although after October, the entire DeFi field has not seen the full-scale frenzy as in September, innovations in this field are still emerging, and new projects are still emerging.

BAS, a new stablecoin project that emerged during this period, is a typical example, and its limelight has surpassed the old AMPL project.

I believe that next year DeFi will still have a lot to do, and I am very optimistic about the development of DeFi next year. Next year we will also focus on DeFi and look for new potential varieties in this field.

We are full of expectations and confidence to welcome the bright 2021!


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