Will the delayed implementation of the Lightning Network affect the adoption of Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin has proven to be a reliable payment option in the past, it has not really played a role in low amounts and instant payment, which has long plagued many users and has been regarded as the main adoption of Bitcoin obstacle. For example, if a user buys a bag of cashews in a retail store, he / she should be able to pay with bitcoin, but in fact the user rarely uses bitcoin in this case.

A few years ago, a developer proposed the Lightning Network of the Bitcoin ecosystem, which was once considered as a promising solution to the expansion problem. However, the full implementation and adoption of Lightning Network has been severely delayed, so that users began to question the concept of Lightning Network.

If Bitcoin cannot play a role in payment in small transactions, it cannot be used for daily payments, and the Lightning Network can facilitate small transactions, so its implementation is very meaningful. But the bad thing is that people are criticized when Bitcoin needs a second layer to make small payments. Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos talked about this topic in a recent video. He pointed out:

“In order to cope with several small payments, someone needs to verify these transactions. The answer given by Bitcoin is that everyone verifies each transaction to maintain the decentralization, security and openness of the network.”

He added:

“But this will require everyone to become a validator on the network, which will lead to centralization. Therefore, those who criticize Bitcoin for the second layer, their pattern is particularly large.”

Interestingly, the Lightning Network is expected to solve many shortcomings such as high bitcoin transaction fees and privacy. These shortcomings must be improved before Bitcoin can achieve mass adoption. Therefore, in the long run, the realization of the Lightning Network on Bitcoin has an important role in the large-scale adoption of Bitcoin.

However, this is a tricky business, as statistics show that Lightning Network adoption data has stalled in the past few months. In fact. In fact, many indices related to the Lightning Network are like this, including the network capacity and the number of channels, uniqueness and repeatability.

In addition to the unsatisfactory use of statistical data, the recent centralization issues that have plagued the Lightning Network have also been in constant flux.

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