First need to register and fill the form then you get an activation email, after click on activation link you could login on website. After KYC process you could order to exchange.
You need to upload one of your government document (resident permit, driving license or passport) and selfie with your ID card and a paper that you write the date and site name and your signature on it in your hand beside your face.
No, this is only one time process, once you verifid you identify, could order.(except in some cases the operators ask more documents to send)
After you verified your identity, on main page, there are two field, Send and Receive, select the currency you need on Receive and the currency you want to pay by on Send, and go forward, then it shows you the rate of exchange and you could select the amount of currency you need, on the next page you should fill the form by your receiving account details and go forward, you will review your order, then pay the order amount to website account and upload proof of payment, the operators will check and send the amount to your destination account as soon as possible.
Depends on the currency you choose to pay or receive, if one of the sides is crypto currency, it takes time to receive confirmations then it will process in 1 to 3 hours, or if one of the sides is bank transfer it could takes more the 1 business day. Please ask from live chat before order to make sure how long it takes time, if you are in hurry.

- paypal
- Perfectmoney
- WebMoney
- Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Advcash
- Litecoin
- Shetab
- We will add more E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller also more popular crypto currencies in near future.
There are 4 steps to verify your account. A- email confirmation B- mobile phone confirmation C- Identity verification D- selfie. The first two steps are automatically and the second two steps will process by operators that normally takes less than one hour to confirm or reject.
On the login page there is a link to ask for resend the confirmation email, you could click and receive again, in case you don’t receive the email anyway you could ask from online chat to send the confirmation email manually.
On the verification page there is option to resend the confirmation code or change the number, if you were not successful to receive anyway, you could ask voice call from operators on live chat.
On the page https://mrexchanger.com/rates.php you could check the rate of your exchange direction before order.
After receiving 3 confirmations of your BTC payment, it’s going to process by operators.
No. We don’t accept third party payments, the paypal owner’s name and the website account owner who verified her/his identity should be in same name.
No. All exchanges will check and done by operators manually, please be patient.
If you already registered on mrexchanger.com, you could find your unique link on affiliate page, and share it with your friends or any social networks, then you will take commission from each exchange from anyone who registered and exchanged by your unique link.